Welcome to the Eastcombe Ward page of the Parish website. Here you will find information and events that are specific to Eastcombe, supported by the Parish Council.


Festive Village Voices Christmas and New Year’s Eves

Light Up The Hilltop Sunday 29th November

Christmas Tree.            As last year there will be a Christmas Tree erected on the village green on the weekend of 12th -13th December.  You are welcome to attach decorations to the tree in – possibly in memory of a loved one.

Eastcombe Recreation Ground
The Recreation Ground has had a lot of work done on it during this year in response to last year’s thorough inspection by Wicksteed. The matting has been replaced and strengthened and woodwork and metal work treated to ensure it lasts.
We are also grateful to the Eastcombe Village Group who, with money donated by Stroud Rotary, organized for the purchase and installation of a new picnic bench adjacent to the play area.


Baptist Chapel Upper Graveyard       

Preparatory work is underway to tidy up the Baptist Chapel Upper Graveyard whilst keeping its special ambience and wild flora. This mainly involves removing some low branches and crown lifting such that access to the graves is improved. This work is jointly funded by the Baptist Chapel and the Parish Council.


Bus Shelter         

The PC is supporting and helping to fund work to enhance the bus shelter. The intention is to decorate it with local art works and plants. A noticeboard and an exchange section for items such as seeds, books, DVD’s  etc will be included. It is hoped that this work will be completed by the Spring of 2021.

New Notice Boards.

There are two new notice boards for public use on Dr. Crouch’s Road and on Eastcombe Allotments, but please remove any old notices once they are time expired.


Footpath Volunteer Group     Would you be interested in forming/helping a group to help manage the numerous footpaths we have within the Ward (link here to footpath map). Working in conjunction with the Cotswold volunteers to clear and maintain footpaths and repair/replacement of styles and gates.

Speeding & Parking                 

Have you views on speeding and parking around the village. Please share your thoughts and ideas with us. Bisley Ward support a ‘Speed watch’ group. Should we have a similar group here in Eastcombe?


Conservation Area                   

As well as the whole parish being in the Cotswold AONB, much of the older part of Eastcombe lies within its own designated Conservation Area. This area is subjected to strict regulations regarding planning and tree maintenance etc. To see which areas lie within the Conservation Area please follow this link.  More information including suggestions for Tree Planting in Eastcombe can be found on our Environment page.

Planning Applications             

Are you thinking of extending or a new build? There have been several contentious Planning Applications over the last few years. There is lots of advice available and the PC is currently engaged on producing a Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP). Further details can be found on the NDP website bisleyeastcombeoakridge-ndp2030.org.uk .If you would like to be part of this process then please contact one of the Eastcombe Ward Councillors – details on the Council page

Eastcombe Good Neighbours           

Don’t forget the Eastcombe Good Neighbours scheme is operating throughout and beyond the current CoVid lockdown. Details of any support you may require can be found by emailing:


Your Information

Have you any information that you would like to share that we can put on this page? If so please forward it to one of the Ward Councillors or to the Parish Clerk.