Parish Plan 2006 – a vision for the future

The plan identified short term, medium term and on-going actions for the Parish Council. The short term actions have now all been completed – you can see a summary of these in the Parish Plan Short Term Actions (PDF)

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Following the production of the Parish Plan in 2006 Bisley-with-Lypiatt and Miserden Parish Councils are now working on producing Village Design Statements for the parishes.

10 May 2007

What would you like to conserve, change or see for the future of your local area? Starting in June 2004, focus groups of volunteers from the community have worked to collect your views and produce the Plan. Future funding for projects within the parish will depend on a Parish Plan as this will offer proof that the community has been consulted and supports the projects. The Plan will also enable your Parish Council to speak with more authority – according to the Rural White Paper 2000, the Principal Authorities will be legally obliged to take notice of Parish Councils with a Parish Plan.

Bisley-with-Lypiatt Parish Council has worked, together with Miserden Parish Council, on producing the Parish Plans which were published in April 2006.

Public Meetings

28 November 2005 – Consultation Document now available

A consultation document on feedback from the public meetings is now being distributed to all households in both parishes. Please write what you have to say on this document, add your postcode to the top of the first page (to identify your village), and return it to the box in your village shop, or Holbrook Garage / The Green Shop, or Stancombe Beech Farm Shop, or in an envelope by post to AICS (Parish Plan), FREEPOST GL15, Stroud, Glos GL6 7ZZ (no stamp required). These comments must reach us by 16 December 2005 to be considered for inclusion in the Parish Plan.

28 April 2006 – The completed Parish Plan is now at the printers and a copy will be distributed to all households in the parishes in early May 2006.

26 June 2006 – A copy of the completed plan has now been delivered to each household in the parishes – if you have not yet received your own copy, please contact the Clerk.

You can also read the Parish Plan (PDF)