Snow Strategy

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For the latest news on traffic and roads in Gloucestershire, see AA Traffic News . See the Gloucestershire County Council website for information on school closures.

Rubbish Collections

SDC will always try to collect refuse and recycling on scheduled collection days, but adverse weather, such as snowy conditions, may mean that they are unable to do so. If this happens they will try their best to return within two days depending on weather and road conditions around the district. Therefore please leave your rubbish and recycling out for this period. If they do not manage to collect within two days, they will not be returning, so please bring your refuse and/or recycling back in and put it out for collection, as normal, for the next scheduled collection day. Note that there will be no collections on Sundays, so if your collection was missed on Friday please leave it out till Monday.

Keeping the roads in the Parish free from ice and snow is the responsibility of Gloucestershire County Council. Roads that have been identified as key routes are pre-salted and dealt with first in the case of ice and snow. Snow wardens work with the County Divisional Surveyors to help clear snow, and to keep the County Council informed of the conditions in outlying villages.

Grit bins are provided by both the County and the Parish Council, but providing the grit/salt itself is the responsibility of the County Council. Grit/salt from a roadside bin or heap is for use on public roads only, and if you use it yourself please remember just a little goes a long way. Bins are difficult to replenish in bad conditions, and even a fine sprinkling of grit/salt is very effective in temperatures down to about -7C.

For more information on salting, salting routes, current road closures and how Gloucestershire County Highways decide on when to salt, see

Parish snow wardens

Dave Partridge
Cheltenham Road
Bisley GL6 7BJ
tel 01452 770986
07736 153642
Louie Wilkes
Eastcombe GL6 7DG
tel 07547 485926               
Mr Tony Martin
Birds Frith Farm
Far Oakridge
Glos GL6 7PB
tel 07710 800 290

Neighbouring parishes

Chalford – BussageChalford – Hill/France LynchMiserden
Christine Prince, Parish Clerk
Snow Warden Co-ordinator
tel 01453 887204

Paul Lilly (out of hours            Co-ordinator)
tel: 01453 884500

Steve Beioley
tel 01453 886344
Gideon Duberley
tel 01285 821753

Gloucestershire Highways

Central Area Southern Division
Stroudwater Interchange M5
tel 08000 514 514

Priority (‘key’) routes in the parish (see map below)

Toadsmoor Hill – Eastcombe, Thomas Keble School – Bisley – The Camp – Birdlip
Stroud, Bisley Road – Stancombe, Stancombe – Bisley, Stancombe Lane
Bisley – Oakridge Lynch

Secondary routes in the parish

Bisley – Rectory Farm – Waterlane – Tunley – Daneway – Sapperton
Dr Crouch’s Road, Eastcombe – Village Green – Junction with Bisley Road
Gloucestershire Priority Routes