The Parish Council has agreed to lead a group to produce a Neighbourhood Plan and the project is called Eastcombe, Bisley, Oakridge 2030.

There is now a dedicated website on which you will find information regarding the NDP process, the progress we have made to date, information on the various focus groups, as well as facilities to allow you to comment, make suggestions, and help us move forward.

Initial public meetings have now been held and reviews of feedback are now being done and we will be contacting residents again soon. We have a grant for this initial work from Locality. The current expectation is for the project to take about two years.

The Steering Group is:

If you would like to be involved please send an email to a member of the Steering Group.

Stroud District Local Plan Review

The Stroud District Local Plan was adopted in November 2015 and sets out a planning strategy for distributing development within the District and policies for protecting and conserving the natural and built environment. The current Plan covers the period to 2031. It is important that the Local Plan is kept up-to-date and the current Local Plan commits the Council to undertake an early review.

The District Council started the process of reviewing the current Local Plan in 2017 with an Issues and Options consultation to cover the period to 2040. This was followed by a consultation on an Emerging Strategy in 2018. They have now reached Draft Local Plan stage and this sets out the Council’s vision, strategy, sites and policies for meeting development needs over the next 20 years.

The public consultation ran for 9 weeks from 20 November 2019 to 22 January 2020. You can see the Parish Council Response to the consultation here (PDF)

Copies of the Draft Local Plan, together with supporting and background papers, are available to view and download at