Transport Options

For many people living in rural areas such as ours, getting about can be difficult, especially for those without their own means of transport, which usually means a car. This page is intended to provide information on various means of transport which may suit your own particular circumstances, where appropriate we have provided links to other sources of information.

For an update on current travel conditions see AA Traffic News.

For public transport, bus and train timetables see Traveline SouthWest You can also find train times for all UK destinations at the National Rail Enquiries website.

Local bus service timetables:

If you are visiting Gloucester or Cheltenham, the Park and Ride services can help you avoid the hassle of city centre driving, finding a parking space or the expense of city centre parking.

Stroud Valleys Car Club. Instead of owning your own car with the associated costs, you share a car through a small annual membership fee and only pay further when you actually use it (cost per hour and per mile).

For information on School Transport see the County Council website.


With growing concerns about our health and the need to take more exercise and quite rightly, concerns about the environment, many more people are considering cycling, be it to work, shopping or just for leisure. For information on cycling in Gloucestershire see the Sustrans website. Sustrans has now also released the complete National Cycle Network app with which you can access over 25,000 miles of walking and cycling network across the UK, anytime anywhere. The free app is available to download from Android Market and the iTunes store and marks the first time the National Cycle Network has become available for mobile phones. Sustrans has created the app from their OS based online mapping facility and it has been specifically designed to help people make more of their everyday journeys on foot or by bike.

Cycle Hire in the area


Whilst we may seem a little isolated within Bisley, Eastcombe and Oakridge, places such as Stroud are actually not that far away if you have a little more time at your disposal. There are a number of pleasant walks into the town, which do not mean you have to risk life and limb walking along our main roads, for example from Catswood via Swifts Hill and Summer Street you can be in Stroud within 40 mins (a bit longer coming back up, but the exercise will be worth it!). From Eastcombe go over Bismore Bridge and past Ferris Court Farm and Round Elm, and then Middle Lypiatt, Snakeshole and past the Cemetery to Horns Road, whilst from Oakridge you have a pleasant walk along the canal.

If you are planning a walk, see Walking in Gloucestershire which has more than 70 FREE Gloucestershire walks to download, and details of all the books, maps and walking groups in the county.

A map showing all public rights of way in Gloucestershire 

You can also see maps showing local footpaths around our villages here: