In February 2020, Bisley with Lypiatt Parish Council and the community planted five large Lime trees to make a statement that they strongly support climate change actions that aid carbon storage and provide for future shade against the hot summer sun.  The 3m tall trees were planted along the perimeter of the field opposite the mature limes, beech and oaks in the Pleasure Ground. As they grow they will continue to extend the ‘avenue’ that we all enjoy as we enter Eastcombe from Old Neighbourhood.

Hedge planting along the edge of the Thomas Keble playing field.

Teaching Trees at Thomas Keeble

This work is part of the project called ‘Trees, Hedges and Wildlife Corridors’ which is a collaboration between Thomas Keble school, the Parish Council and the Teaching Trees programme of the Royal Forestry Society. The photo shows Parish Councillors and the Parish Clerk, plus Thomas Keble staff and young Finn from Thomas Keble’s Nature Club ready to plant the last tree

I Dig Trees planting of little beeches on George V Sports Ground in Bisley on a very cold day

lanting of little beeches on George V Sports Ground in Bisley