Victim Support Gloucestershire

Have You Been A Victim Of Crime?
Victim Support Gloucestershire Is Here To Help You.

Being the victim of a crime can be a very upsetting experience. You might feel angry, frightened and alone. Victim Support Gloucestershire will provide support to anyone in this situation.

We cover the whole of Gloucestershire and have a team of specially trained volunteers located around the county. They can offer emotional support (an independent and objective person to talk to in confidence) and practical support such as providing information on other sources of help, assisting with Criminal Injuries Compensation claims and acting as an advocate. You can speak to a volunteer over the phone or meet them at a local venue, and it may be possible to arrange for a volunteer to come to your home. We can support you even if you haven’t reported the crime to the police.

You can contact us via the Victim Care Unit on 01452 317444. It is open from 8am to 8 pm Monday to Friday and is manned by a team of Victim Care Officers whose role is to talk to victims of crime and to find out if Victim Support can help in any way.

We can also help you if you have to go to court. Our volunteers can arrange a visit to the court beforehand and will explain court procedure to you. Although they can’t discuss details of the case, on the day of the trial they can sit with you before you go into court and talk over your experience afterwards. If you want to make use of this service please contact our Witness Service on 01452 525281, for the Magistrates Courts, and 01452 411724 for Gloucester Crown Court.

Remember you don’t have to cope with the effects of crime on your own. Give Victim Support Gloucestershire a call on 01452 317444.