Parish Charities

The Charity of the Ancient Parish of Bisley (CAPB)

This Charity, serving what is known as the Ancient Parish of Bisley, has been in existence for over 50 years. It has its roots in a dozen very old charities that were amalgamated in the 1950s by consolidating their funds, and gifts of land, into one charity and investing the combined assets in the Charity Commission’s managed investment funds. The only exception to this was the Chestergate Allotments in Bisley which are still owned by the Charity and leased to the Parish Council for the benefit of the village.

We are often asked, ‘what is this Ancient Parish of Bisley, and what are its boundaries?’ The area includes all of the civil parish of Bisley with Lypiatt, including Eastcombe and Oakridge, most of Bussage and part of Chalford; an area of increasing population.

Six Trustees, who include Parish Council representatives from the Parishes of Bisley with Lypiatt and Chalford, administer the Charity.

The rules of the Charity allow the Trustees to offer help to those residing in the ‘Ancient Parish’ in many ways. These include gifts of money to help the sick, suffering and convalescing; the hospitalised and those who visit them; help towards residential care; support for young people with work related experience at home and abroad where this is of a charitable nature, and in many other areas. The Trustees are not, however, permitted either to commit themselves to making grants in relief of rates or taxes, etc, or to make recurring gifts.

Over many years the CAPB has been able to help support children at our local schools, other young persons to gain valuable work related experience overseas, as well as helping the sick, suffering and bereaved.

Because the Trustees are anxious to use their income to provide help where it is most needed they are always pleased to hear from Parishioners living in the ‘Ancient Parish’ who know of someone in particular need whom the Charity could help, or perhaps who are in need themselves. If so they should write in confidence to the secretary Mrs Jane Bentley, The Old Post Office, High Street, Bisley, GL6 7AA.

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Registered Charity Number 237229

The John Taylor Foundation

Have you just started university, college or employment? If so, you may be eligible for a small grant towards the cost of books, tools, etc. To be eligible you must live within the Ancient Parish of Bisley and be under 25 years old.

To apply, please write to: Mrs P Bashford, Eskdale, Van der Breen Street, Bisley, Glos GL6 7BN quoting your name, age, home address and your date of entry to university, college, course or job.  Applications must be made by the end of August for consideration by the Trustees who meet once a year in the Autumn.

Please note that only one application per person will be considered for a grant from this foundation, and that ‘A’ level courses are not eligible for a grant.

Ancient Parish of Bisley

This includes the modern civil parish of Bisley-with-Lypiatt (Bisley, The Scrubs, Througham, Eastcombe, Bismore, Oakridge, Waterlane) as well as Bussage, Brownshill, Chalford Hill, France Lynch and Chalford Vale.