Minutes 2nd May, 2001

HELD on Wednesday, 2nd May 2001 at 7.30 p.m


Mrs P CarrickChairman
Mr M Flint}
Mr J P L Perkins}Bisley Ward
Mr N S Rogers}
Mr T G Carter<p}< td=””> </p}<>
Mr R K Brooks}Eastcombe Ward
Mrs J W Russell}
Mrs O M Turner}
Mr A C Newman}
Mr R N Budgeon}Oakridge Ward
Mr R Bryant}
Mrs E F JordanClerk

In attendance: 2 members of the public were present

Apologies were received from County Cllr Chas Fellows, District Cllr Leslie Greene, Mrs Janet Martin

The Chairman gave copies of the Village Appraisal to the members. She asked for a further sponsorship cheque in the sum of £36 for additional printing in connection with this. This was unanimously agreed. Mr Newman tabled a motion of thanks to the Chairman for all her hard work in getting appraisal published.

1.Election of Chairman
It was proposed by Mr T G Carter and seconded by Mrs J Russell that the retiring Chairman, Mrs Pat Carrick be invited to serve in that capacity for a further year. This proposal was supported unanimously. Mrs Carrick thanked the members and said that she would be pleased to accept. Mrs Carrick then signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office which was duly witnessed by the Clerk.


2Ward Appointments
BisleyWard ChairmanMr M G Flint
Allotments WardenMr N S Rogers
Playing Field WardenMrs J M Martin
Snow WardenMrs J M Martin
Planning Sub Committee Chairman 

Mr J P L Perkins

EastcombeWard ChairmanMr T G Carter
Allotments WardenMr R A Clack (non Cllr)
Playing Fields WardenMrs O Turner
Snow WardenMr B Brooks
Planning Sub Committee Chairman 

Mr B Brooks

OakridgeWard ChairmanMr A C Newman
Allotments WardenMr A C Newman
Playing Fields WardenMr R S Bryant
Snow WardenMr R S Bryant
Planning Sub-Committee Chairman 

Mr R N Budgeon


Other Appointments

School GovernorsBisley


Mrs B Brown

Miss P Gaston

OakridgeTo be advised
John Taylor FoundationMr R S Bryant

Mr C Pulley

Oakridge Village Hall TrustMrs P J Carrick
Twinning CommitteeMr A C Newman

Mr R K Brooks

Mrs P J Carrick (ex officio)

Parish Transport RepDistrict Cllr L C Greene
Ancient Parish of BisleyMrs J W Russell


Mrs Carrick said that she was resigning from the position of Governor of the Oakridge Primary School and was actively looking for a replacement before September. There were no volunteers for this position.

Thanks were expressed to Mrs Russell, who resigned as Chairman of the Eastcombe Planning Sub-Committee, for all her hard work over the years.

Mr Bryant asked that it be borne in mind that the John Taylor Foundation gave grants to students up to the value of £50 towards the purchase of schoolbooks and equipment.


3.Public Participation
A member of the public, Mr Brown, asked if he could make a comment after the item ‘Windyridge’ had been discussed. The Chairman agreed to this.
4.Approval of the Minutes of the Meeting held on 4th April 2001
The Clerk told the meeting that she had amended the heading in the draft minutes. Mr Budgeon asked that ‘response not received’ be added to 01.05.9.c) after the word gazebo.

The minutes having been circulated to all members were approved with the above amendments and the Chairman signed the Minute Book.

5.Matters Arising


a)Dog Warden re: Eastcombe Recreation Ground
The Clerk told the meeting that she had contacted the Dog Warden who had visited the Recreation Ground and spoken to dog owners informing them of their responsibilities. She felt that most dog owners were responsible and willing to clean up after their dogs. She will visit on a regular basis.
b)Standing Orders
It was agreed that the Standing Orders should be amended to include the agreement to a quarterly audit by the Chairman, and the new system for handling planning applications. The Clerk is to confer with Mr M G Flint on the wording.


c)Cabinet for Planning Documents
Approval was given for the purchase of a fireproof four-drawer filing cabinet, for storing files, to be kept in the Baptist Church, Eastcombe. Mr Brooks said that the Church had agreed, in principle, to a rent of £20 per annum for this service.

Both the Chairman and the Clerk will keep keys and a register kept of the movement of files in and out of the cabinet.


d)Nameplate for Manor Farm Lane, Eastcombe
A letter from Mr Adcock was placed before the Committee. There were no comments.
6.District Council Matters
As District Councillor Greene was unable to be present, nothing was raised under this heading.


7.County Council Matters
As County Councillor Fellows was unable to be present, nothing was raised under this heading.




TOMPA Donation


SDC 1st part of precept





£ 10839.68







E F Jordan (April Salary)


Inland Revenue (Tax & NI on Clerk’s Salary)


Bisley W I (Hire of hall for year)


Severn Trent (Bisley Playing field, & Pavilion – year)


Cornhill Insurance


GAPT Annual Membership 



£ 1515.85

Cash Balance as at 31st April 2001 


Lock Up Account Balance as at 10th April 2001 £1,850.42

Mr Bryant told the meeting that the receipt of £335.81 was the final donation from TOMPA, which had now ceased to exist.

9.Matters for Discussion
a)The Countryside Agency Meeting – 9th April
The Meeting held last month had been informative but some Councillors expressed the feeling that as a lot of extra work was now being put upon Parish and Town Councils it could become more difficult to encourage members of the public to stand for election.

The Chairman gave details again of various grants that could be obtained, possibly, on a 50/50 basis. If the community were willing to give their time cash grants were available for various projects. Mr Flint asked the Chairman to enquire as to the nature of the ‘time’.

Mr Perkins told the meeting that revised plans had been received from Quattro, the Architects. The Ward was concerned as to the reduction in size of the playground. They were also concerned as to what would happen, in the future, to the land that was not built on during the first phase. Although at first, there had been a sense of urgency from the District Council to get things moving, this seemed to have slowed down.

Although the Planning Sub-committee do not wish to jeopardise the building of the project they are concerned and have a meeting at Ebley Mill next week in order to try to clarify matters.

Mr Brown (a member of the public) was given the opportunity to speak and he too expressed his concern as to what would happen to the land that was not built on. He stated that he had the impression, after the public meeting and after having spoken to one of the officers, that the remaining land could be used for private executive housing.

c)Proposed sale of land at Eastcombe Recreation Ground to Gloucestershire County Council
The Chairman said that she had been to the Records’ Office in Gloucester and confirmed that the land had been given in trust to the people of Eastcombe for their enjoyment as had the land which was now the allotments. The Parish Council cannot therefore sell this land.


The Clerk was asked to draft a letter to the Gloucestershire County Council, for approval, suggesting that easements be granted over the land they wish to purchase thus enabling them to build their soakaways and allowing them access for maintenance.


The Clerk was also asked to draft a letter asking for a Preservation Order to be placed on the trees bordering the Recreation Ground.




d)Severn Trent Maintenance Plan
The Chairman told the meeting that she had put plans up in Oakridge showing where the works will take place. She offered to prepare plans for both Bisley and Eastcombe for displaying on notice boards.


There was some concern as to how long the water would be off and what notice would be given. There will be 48 hours notice of any water cuts although no specific timings could be given. If the water is to be off for a long time, due notice will be given.


e)MAAF – David Drew’s Letter
The Council had been given a copy of a letter from David Drew received in response to the copy letter to MAAF sent to him in respect of the Foot and Mount outbreak.


There were no comments


f)Community Safety Partnership
A letter had been received from Phil Sullivan, Community Safety Officer asking for a volunteer who would be prepared to meet with him at intervals with a view to increasing the flow of information between the Parish and his department. There were no volunteers. The Clerk was asked to reply to the letter.


g)Thomas Keble Community Safety Partnership
A letter had been received from Gloucestershire Education Department regarding the Community Sports Facility at Thomas Keble School asking for a contribution. Councillors did not feel that the electors wished to give a contribution and voted not to do so. The Clerk was asked to reply to the letter.
h)Cherrypiece, Waterlane grass cutting quotation
A letter had been received from Mr Bucknell with a quotation of £40 for cutting Butt’s Piece in Waterlane during the coming year. The Clerk was asked to accept this quotation
i)Meeting with GCC Chief Executive
The Chairman and the Clerk attended a meeting at Thomas Keble School with the Gloucestershire County Council Chief Executive, Joyce Redfearn, County Cllr Chas Fellows and representatives from neighbouring parishes. It was felt that this was a useful meeting and amongst other things, the inferior state of the roads generally was discussed. Ms Redfearn will make enquiries to try and solve problems.


She was also interested to hear what was happening in the Parishes and that Bisley-with-Lypiatt would prefer to cut their own verges in future and again will investigate.

j)Bus Shelters
A letter had been received from the Transport Planning Officer Sustainable Transport Unit who was conducting a survey to determine the condition of bus shelters. The Clerk had provided him with a list.
k)Extra Item
Mr Flint asked for approval of the Memorandum of an Agreement made between the Bisley Cricket Club and the Bisley-with-Lypiatt Parish Council for the use of the Pavilion at Bisley. This was given and the Chairman signed the Agreement.
Bisley – none
Eastcombe – see attached
Oakridge – see attached
The following correspondence had been received during April and was on the table to read.
Gloucestershire Rural Community CouncilRural Voice
Gloucestershire Police AuthorityAnnual Policing and Best Value Performance Plan 2001-2001
The Countryside AgencyRegional View
Department of the Environment, Transport and the RegionsNews Releases
ACRERural Life Conference details
Gloucestershire EducationACET
SDCEnvironmental Statement 1999/2000
Gloucestershire Wildlife TrustAnnual Report 1999/2000
12Ward Matters

  1. Mr Rogers had been given a copy of a document from the Education Department as a Consultee and asked for approval to complete the questionnaire to the best of his knowledge. This was given.
  2. A document has been received in respect of the proposed 20mph signs in Bisley, which will be circulated round the Ward for comments. Mr Brooks asked whether there was a plan to extend the 30mph limit towards Eastcombe. Mr Flint will pursue this.
  3. It was suggested that any minor corrections to the draft minutes be given to the Clerk before meetings so that the copy can be corrected. This was agreed.
  4. The British Legion wish to hire the Pavilion 5/6 times a year and asked for approval to display some of their signs and memorabilia on the walls. There was no objection to this. Mr Flint will prepare terms under which they can occupy the premises.
  5. There was concern in the village at the appearance of an AA sign directing traffic to the Selsley Herb Farm. The Clerk was asked to ascertain whether this was a permanent sign.

  1. Mrs Russell asked for an overhanging branch from a tree on the village green to be cut back.
  2. It was asked that a notice be put in the village magazine asking for people not to park on the corner of Dr Crouch’s Road at the Baptist Church by the village green.
  3. The Clerk was asked to check for an agreement with the Junior Football team requesting them not to have tall trees on the bottom boundary.
  4. Mr Brooks asked for approval to purchase a new Mowing Machine for the Village. This was agreed and Mr Bryant offered to place the order.

  1. The mosaic done by the school children in the bus shelter is now complete and there will be a launch on the 19th May. It was requested that repairs to the roof be carried out before then.
  2. It has been agreed within the Ward to carry out repairs, to the value of £500/600, to the Cricket Pavilion from budgeted funds. Mr Lionel Robins has agreed to undertake the work without charge.
  3. A Meeting had been held with Mr Beard representing the Oakridge Football Club regarding the standard of cleanliness of the pavilion during the season although it had been adequately cleaned at the end of the season. It was agreed that the football field should be resurfaced in the eastern end goalmouth and the club were willing contribute £50 towards reseeding. The Clerk was asked to write to Mr Beard.
  4. It had been noted that unbeknown to the Council, restrictive road signs had appeared at the top and bottom of Whiteway Hill in Oakridge Lynch. The Clerk will try and ascertain who authorised the signs.
  5. Mr Bryant will place the seat donated by Mrs Ann Penmore on the playing field near the play equipment. It was requested that a letter of thanks be sent to Mrs Penmore.
13.Date and Place of Next Meeting
The next meeting will be held at Bisley W I Hall on Wednesday, 6th June at 7.30 p.m.