How to report a rural wildlife or heritage crime

Rural, wildlife and heritage crime can have a significant impact on our local communities. At Gloucestershire Constabulary, we are committed to tackling these crimes that take place in your area.

Rural crime is any incident that effects agriculture, livestock, equine and heritage sites. It can also include environmental crime, such as illegal waste dumping and fly tipping.

Wildlife crime on the other hand is any activity that goes against legislation that protects wild animals and plants within the UK, such as poaching and hare coursing.

This year, we introduced some new online reporting forms to make it easier for you to tell us where and when these crimes are happening.

To report a rural, wildlife or heritage crime, or if you have information about where a crime is going to take place, then please tell us through our dedicated online reporting forms linked below. The information you provide could be crucial in helping to stop these crimes from happening again.

To report a rural or heritage crime:

To report a wildlife crime:

To tell us about a possible rural, wildlife or heritage crime:

In an emergency or if a crime is happening now, always call 999.Email tracking gif