Minutes 8th May, 2002

HELD on Wednesday 8 May 2002
at 7.30 p.m at BISLEY W I HALL

Mrs P CarrickChairman
Bisley Ward
Mr M Flint
Mr J P L Perkins
Mr N S Rogers
Mr D W Workman
Eastcombe Ward
Mr T G Carter
Mr R K Brooks
Mrs J W Russell
Mrs O M Turner
Oakridge Ward
Mr R N Budgeon
Mr R Bryant
Mr A E Davis
Mrs E F JordanClerk

In attendance:

District Cllr. D K Le Fleming, 3 members of the public were present

The Chairman opened the meeting and introduced the two new parish councillors, Mr A E Davis and Mr D W Workman and the new district councillor, Mr D K Le Fleming.

02.051.Election of Chairman
It was proposed by Mr R K Books and seconded by Mr M G Flint that the retiring Chairman, Mrs Pat Carrick be invited to serve in that capacity for a further year. This proposal was supported unanimously. Mrs Carrick thanked the members and said that she would be pleased to accept. Mrs Carrick then signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office which was duly witnessed by the Clerk.
02.052.Ward Appointments
Ward Chairman – Mr M G Flint
Allotments Warden – Mr N S Rogers
Playing Field Warden – Mr D W Workman
Snow Warden – Mr D W Workman
Planning Sub Committee Chairman – Mr J P L PerkinsEastcombe
Ward Chairman – Mr T G Carter
Allotments Warden – Mr R A Clack (non Cllr)
Playing Fields Warden – Mrs O Turner
Snow Warden – Mr R K Brooks
Planning Sub Committee Chairman – Mr R K BrooksOakridge
Ward Chairman – Mr R S Bryant
Allotments Warden – Mr A E Davis
Playing Fields Warden – Mr R S Bryant
Snow Warden – Mr R S Bryant
Planning Sub-Committee Chairman – Mr R N Budgeon

Other Appointments

School Governors
Bisley – Mrs B Brown
Eastcombe – Miss P Gaston
Oakridge – Mrs Salkeld

John Taylor Foundation
Mr R S Bryant
Mr C Pulley

Oakridge Village Hall Trust
Mrs P J Carrick

Twinning Committee
Mr R K Brooks
Mrs P J Carrick (ex officio)

Neighbourhood Watch
Bisley – Mr M G Flint
Eastcombe – Mr T G Carter
Oakridge – Mr Andrew Edwards

Parish Transport Rep – Ms L C Greene

Ancient Parish of Bisley – Mrs J W Russell

Trees – Mr R Mackie

02.053.Public Participation
Mr Brown wished to add his support to the moving of the Saxon Cross back to the newly refurbished Stancombe Triangle and mentioned that there was a plaque on the monument that would need to be reworded. Mr Flint said that negotiations were at an early stage and wished to consult the general public on the matter and Mr Brown’s comments would be taken into account.
02.054.Approval of the Minutes of the Meeting held on 4th April 2002
The minutes having been circulated to all members were approved after the date had been amended and the Chairman signed the Minute Book.
02.055.Matters Arising
  1. Transport PlanThe Chairman said that both she and Mrs Turner had recently taken the bus on the proposed route in order to confirm timings and were very pleased with the outcome. She had received a letter from Thomas Keble School supporting the prospect of a community bus.
  2. Footpath MBL16 – Bismore FarmThe County Council has informed the parish council that the applicant has appealed to the Secretary of State against the Commons and Rights of Way Panel’s decision not to amend on the Definitive Map the deletion of this footpath. They will keep the council informed.
  3. Adoption of the New Code of PracticeThe Chairman requested that completed forms were handed to the Clerk who will forward them to Stroud District Council. A discussion ensued and although members were apprehensive as to the necessity of this document it was agreed that they would all be in the Clerk’s possession shortly. The Clerk was asked to enquire as to whether these forms were to be open to public inspection.
  4. Stancombe TriangleThe Highways Authority has now completed work on the Triangle. Mr Bryant felt that one of the one-way signs was misleading and the ward member agreed to investigate this.
  5. Oakridge War MemorialThis was discussed at Ward level and the work has now been done. Plans for the surrounding area are to be re-drawn to scale and publicised for comment.
  6. Zebra Crossing in CornhillA letter has been received from the Traffic Manager stating that there have been no accidents or injuries here over the last five years. Mr Bryant felt that this was not satisfactory and asked that the Clerk write again to the Highways Authority and ask whether railing could be installed to prevent any accidents in the future.

The Clerk was asked to write to Miss Greene, Mrs Martin and Mr Newman thanking them for all their hard work and commitment over their terms of office.

02.056.District Council Matters
Mr Fleming had nothing to raise at the moment.
02.057.County Council Matters
As County Councillor Fellows was unable to be present, nothing was raised under this heading.
SDC 1st part of precept16,000.00
PaymentsVATTotal £
Bisley W I (Hire of Hall)15.00
Stroud Farm Services (Oakridge Allotment Gates)100.0017.50117.50
T W Hawkins & Sons (Grass cutting, April/May)1100.00192.501292.50
GAPTC (Annual Subscription)306.42
Eastcombe Golden Jubilee500.00
Oakridge WI (Oakridge Golden Jubilee Committee)500.00
Bisley Bluecoat School (Jubilee Celebrations)250.00
Stroud & District Building Society (Bisley Jubilee Celebrations)250.00
E F Jordan (April salary)441.94
Inland Revenue (Tax & NI)22.36
E F Jordan (Petty Cash)50.00
Mark Hannis (Tree Clearing, Oakridge)150.00
Cash Balance as at 31st April 2002£23,218.69

Lock Up Account Balance as at 10th April 2002 £1,876.06

IT WAS PROPOSED BY MR R BRYANT AND SECONDED BY MR R K BROOKS that Messrs A D Davis and D W Workman be authorised signatories on the parish bank accounts, this was passed unanimously.

02.059.Matters for Discussion
  1. Speed Limit, StancombeMr Perkins stated that he believed that every resident in Stancombe had written to the Highways Authority expressing concern at the lack of a speed restriction.The Clerk was requested to write to the Highways Authority and ask for a site meeting to try and resolve this matter.
  2. Stroud District council’s Golden Jubilee GrantsEastcombe would like a metal ladder to be purchased for the clock in the Baptist Church, which is the Village Clock, to enable the mechanisms to be reached safely for maintenance purposes.Oakridge wish to refurbish the village flagpole and purchase a St George’s flag.

    Bisley wish to purchase a relief map of the village as is it is in Jubilee year together with a smaller copy, which would be available in the village shop.

    The Clerk will forward this information on to the Stroud District Council.

  3. Windyridge:
    1. Affordable HousingThe building is going ahead as planned. Mr Flint said that the candidates in the District election had all agreed to endeavour to keep the undeveloped land for social housing at a later date. A survey will take place locally to confirm the need for social housing in the near future.
    2. Land to the Rear of 16/22A letter has been received from Stroud District Council in respect of a small piece of land behind the above housing asking if the council was in agreement to Stroud District Council obtaining Cabinet consent to lease or dispose of this area of land to adjoining owners or tenants for use as an extension to their current garden areas. The Clerk was asked to write to the District Council agreeing to this course of action.
    3. Commemorative ArtworkThis will be discussed at the next Ward Meeting.
  4. Junction of Eastcombe/Bisley Road leading to Chalford HillMr Carter said that the Ward was not happy with the proposed work and site meeting had taken place within the Ward. A site meeting with the Highways Authority has now been requested and a mutually convenient date is being arranged.
  5. Saxon CrossThis matter had already been discussed under the heading ‘Public Participation’.
  6. Meeting of Stroud Area (North) Group – 12th June 2002Mr Brooks said that he would attend this meeting if he were available on that date.
  7. BTCV – Gloucestershire Community Environment ProjectGrants are available for the above organisation. Mr Bryant expressed an interest on behalf of the organisation rebuilding the walls around the graveyard. He will contact them directly.Anyone requiring any further information regarding this should contact the Clerk.
  8. GAPT Annual General Meeting – 19th October 2002Members were asked to submit resolutions that they wished to be raised at the above meeting.
  9. Neighbourhood WatchNeighbourhood Area Cluster Group: Mr Carter had attended this meeting, which again, was poorly attended. It was chaired by Inspector McGary and organised by Mr P Sullivan, Stroud District Council’s Safety Officer.He stated that there were pilot schemes in Cam and Dursley for Warden Schemes whereby civilians are employed to patrol the areas.

    As bogus callers to the elderly are becoming more common, there is also a pilot scheme whereby funding has been arranged to produce aids for the elderly and infirm – spy holes, a door chain, a suitably positioned mirror and an alarm. Unfortunately, the installation is not included and councillors were asked to suggest names of those in the parish who would be able to undertake this work and give the names to the Clerk who will contact Mr Sullivan.

    Mrs Russell suggested that the Charity of the Ancient Parish of Bisley might be in a position to assist financially.

    The question of speeding on the Eastcombe to Bisley Road was discussed as well as the congestion experienced outside Thomas Keble School. There is also a problem with some youths on the Eastcombe recreation ground in the evening. Inspector McGary will contact the local policeman with regard to these points.

    The secrecy of the positioning of the mobile police station was also discussed and there is a scheme underway whereby Parish Clerks will be informed of the dates of visits.

    Mr Carter said that the next meeting will take place on 24th September and asked for any matters councillors wished to raise be passed to him at the August meeting.

    The Chairman thanked Mr Carter for his report

  10. TrainingThe Chairman asked the two new members to contact the Clerk if they wished to attend a training course for new councillors at Cheltenham.
02.0510.Planning Applications
The following applications had been received and the following were the Council’s responses during the last month.Througham Manor, Througham, Slad, Bisley – Revised consultation to garage design: Object – The view of the Parish Council remain unaltered from those expressed previously. We remain totally opposed to the re-routing of the highway.

Badgers Brook, Bismore, Eastcombe – Application for retrospective dormer window and rooflights and addition of further rooflights and alteration to window: Comments – The ‘revised’ drawings which are dated June 2000 (updated September 2001) and April 2001 have not been significantly changed and still have a number of inaccurate/superfluous descriptions. The comments which follow relate to specific features shown in the drawings and mentioned in the application description.

  1. Conservation rooflight (front elevation) retrospective
    This now appears to be shown at its correct size. This highly visible rooflight in the front, most visible elevation of the building, spoils what is otherwise a symmetrical design. We would oppose it.
  2. New dormer window in rear elevation (retrospective)
    This is quite acceptable both in terms of building appearance, and in removing the need for any window at this level in the westerly side elevation. We would support it.
  3. Alteration and repositioning of ‘existing’ window in westerly side elevation
    There is currently no such window – ‘existing’ is incorrect and misleading as a description. One (of the many) sets of plans that have consent show a small window in roughly this position – but with specified conditions on size, position and opaque glazing etc. A window in this position overlooks and would impact on the privacy of the neighbouring property – reasons for the conditions being imposed and which still apply. The rear facing dormer is a better solution and consent for this should be in place of any permission for a window in the westerly side elevation at this level (first floor). We would oppose any window in this elevation, at this level.
  4. Proposed attic Roof lights in rear elevation
    There would appear to be almost more rooflights than roof – however, this rear elevation is only slightly visible from outside the property itself, and then from a distance through a wood. On balance, we would not object to these.
  5. House extended up to retaining wall
    This description is still on the plan and it should be made clear that any consent to this application is specific to the particular items detailed above and specifically excludes any other wording or details included in the drawings

Tunley Farm, Sapperton – Erection of Greenhouse – Support : This will not be clearly seen from off the property, we see no reason to refuse this application.

Land to the rear of Greystones and Greenacre, Bisley – Change of use from agricultural to equestrian – Support : Parish Council supports the application providing conditions are applied to ensure the following 1. No horse jumps to be allowed 2. No manege construction 3. No erection of stables or other associated buildings

Honeyway, Stancombe – Erection of extension – Support

Middle Lypiatt House – Listed Building Application – Installation of conservation rooflight – Support

Bisley Blue Coat School – Provision of a replacement temporary ‘Elliott’ classroom – Support:
The Parish Council appreciates and supports the need to replace the existing defective ‘Terrapin’ classroom. It is regrettable, however, that these ‘Elliott’ replacements are totally out of character set in a Conservation Area and surrounded by high profile listed buildings. The point was clearly made some 6/7 years ago when the last two classrooms were erected that all future development should be carried out in natural stone and be in sympathy with the surroundings. If nothing else, can this new building be located further away from the Church boundary to lessen the visual impact from that direction. It is important that any consent granted clearly states that the building is temporary and should last for a limited fixed period.

The Russets, adjacent to Hillstone, Eastcombe – Loft conversion and kitchen extension – No observations.

Land Adjacent to Fieldholme, Waterlane – Erection of a Polytunnel – Support: It will not affect anybody

The following correspondence had been received during April and was on the table to read.

Gloucestershire County Council – Maintenance Newsletter
NALC National Conference – Preston
SDC – Chairman in the Cells – Appeal
Stroud District Council for Voluntary Services – Letter re: local clubs
SDC – Tenants’ Garden Competition 2002
C & J Southern – Jubilee Memorabilia
Gloucestershire CC – Leaflets
CAB – Letter re membership
SDC – Working Together Magazine
GAPTC – Spring 2002 leaflet
Gloucestershire Playing Fields Association – Notice
Unipar Services – Traffic Calming leaflet
Lappset – Playground Equipment Advert
Gloucestershire CC – Attending Council Meetings leaflets
DEFRA – Information re grants etc
Age Concern – Request for Committee Members
Home Office – Fire Safety booklet
Gloucestershire CC – Public Library Services leaflet
SDC – Community Safety Partnership Crime and Disorder Report
Gloucestershire CC – Letter re Jubilee Events Register
The Long Distance Walkers – Association Letter re Cotswold Challenge – Saturday, 28th September 2002

02.0512.Ward Matters

  1. Bisley
    1. Mr Rogers had recently attended a village meeting regarding the future of the W I Hall in Bisley which the W I wished to gift to the village. They would like to see the parish council represented on the committee and there will be an inaugural meeting held shortly chaired by a member of the parish council.
  2. Eastcombe
    1. Mr Carter reported that although a quotation of £200 had been received for the supply and delivery of the boulders to be placed on the village green, Mr Brooks had managed to obtain sponsors for some of them. Negotiations are underway.
    2. The gas board have still not reinstated the village green to the satisfaction of the Ward and the Clerk will again, try to contact them to ensure that this work is done.
    3. A quotation is being requested for the reinstatement of the village green at the top where it would appear that a lorry has driven over it.
    4. The Clerk will enquire as to whether planning permission will be required for the proposed community notice board to be placed on the recreation ground.
    5. British Telecom has been requested to refurbish the telephone box on the village green.
    6. The Clerk was asked to contact the Library Service again to enquire as to whether the mobile library could park outside ‘The Lamb’ as before.
    7. The Clerk was requested to obtain a quotation for the repair of the wall that the bottom of the recreation ground that had been vandalised.
    8. The ‘No Tipping’ sign on the land opposite Fourways Garage has been stolen. The Clerk was requested to obtain another notice.
  3. Oakridge
    1. The Clerk was asked to enquire as to the exact parts of Moons land that are to be repaired.
    2. Now that Kennedy’s have completed their work areas damaged by them need to be reinstated. Mr Bryant gave a list of these to the Clerk.
    3. Mr Bryant asked the Clerk to obtain a price for twelve cones plus rolls of tape suitable to deter parking on Oakridge lower village green.
02.0513.Date and Place of Next Meeting
The next meeting will be held at Bisley W I Hall on Wednesday, 5th June at 7.30 p.m.

There being no further business, the meeting closed at 9.25 p.m.