Minutes 7th November, 2001

HELD at 7.30 p.m. on WEDNESDAY, 7 NOVEMBER 2001


Mrs P Carrick Chairman
Mr M G Flint (Part time)} 
Mrs J M Martin} 
Mr J P L Perkins}Bisley Ward
Mr N S Rogers} 
Mr R K Brooks} 
Mrs J W Russell}Eastcombe Ward
Mrs O M Turner} 
Mr R N Budgeon}Oakridge Ward
Mr R S Bryant} 
Mrs E F Jordan Clerk

In attendance:             District Cllr L C Greene


No members of the public were present



Apologies for Absence

  Mr T G Carter (family commitments), Mr A C Newman (previous appointment), County Councillor C Fellows



Public Participation

  As there were no members of the public present, nothing was raised under this heading. However, as Mr Flint could not attend the whole meeting he took the opportunity to inform the meeting that a generous benefactor in Bisley had pledged a sum of money for the good of the Parish and asked the members of the Council to give this their consideration as to its use.

Minutes of Previous Meeting

  The draft minutes of the meeting held on 3rd October, having been circulated to all members were approved after the addition of the words ‘Thomas Keble’ in the second line of the second paragraph in minute number 01.10.11. b) between the words ‘supporting’ and ‘bid’ and omitting the word ‘their’.



Matters Arising



Insurance of Assets

   The Clerk reported that the additional premium to ensure that the Parish’s assets were fully insured had now been paid.




Rural Projects Grants 2002/2003

   The Chairman told the meeting that the following grants had been requested form Stroud District Council:


   Bisley Methodist Church£6,000
   The Oakridge Society£850
   Eastcombe Sports Club£1,485
   Oakridge Village Hall Trust£6,000

District Councillor Greene said that many more applications had been received than in previous years and competition would be stiff



The Vatch – Toadsmoor Road

   Mr Bryant requested that the Clerk write to the County Council in the strongest possible terms indicating the Council’s displeasure at the apparent waste of public money in constructing the footpath up Toadsmoor Hill.   This was unanimously agreed.   Mr Brooks also asked that representations should be made, once again concerning the removal of the lay by and asking for it to be reinstated.



Cheltenham Road Footway – Bisley

   A letter from the Traffic Manager (South) was discussed and it was noted that the County Council would review the desirability of a footpath in the Cheltenham Road during discussions on the Local Transport Plan.



Bisley High Street

   A letter had been received from the Divisional Operations Manager confirming that when the resurfacing takes place in Bisley High Street, the kerbing will be altered to accommodate parking as discussed during the site meeting last December.



District Council Matters

  District Councillor Greene told the meeting of a display of the plans of the proposed new Cinema and Leisure Complex planned for Stroud and that all would be welcome.


She also informed the meeting of the appointment of Michael Rowan, the Head of Legal and Democratic Services in Stroud District Council.


The new environmental contract for cleaning and waste should mean that by 1st April there should be kerbside recycling for the entire Parish.



County Council Matters

  As County Councillor Fellows was unable to attend the meeting, nothing was raised under this heading.













 Interest  40.55
 VAT Refund  621.96
 Eastcombe Scouts & Guides Rent 6 yrs to 2001   




 British Legion Poppy Appeal  27.00
 T Butt & Son (Misc. repair materials)28.084.8932.97
 Nextra (Web Site)67.4411.8079.24
 Barry Hunt Sales (Oakridge Pavilion)1982.00346.852328.85
 Gloucestershire Playing Fields (replacement of lost cheque) 






 JNC Fire Protection (Oakridge Pavilion)20.503.5924.09
 JSM Signs (Eastcombe ‘No Tipping’)15.002.6217.62
 Cornhill Insurance (additional premium)  182.77
 Sodexho (2 x grass cutting)248.0043.40291.40
 The Consortium145.0025.38170.38
 Inland Revenue  25.32
 E F Jordan (October Salary)  440.24
 Petty Cash  50.00
 G L C & R Williams (Stonecote Green Boundary Fence)33.335.8339.16


  Cash Balance as at 31st October 2001 – £17,285.76

Matters for Discussion



Snow Wardens’ Procedures

   The Clerk was awaiting details of the meeting held on 26th October, as none of the Snow Wardens were able to attend.




   It was confirmed that the three Wards would precept for their own Jubilee celebration contribution and grass cutting and consider the question of a contribution to the Frith Youth Club. This must be finalised at the next meeting.



Newcomers Information Booklet

   Consideration was given to the supply of a booklet for newcomers into the Parish. It was suggested that a flyer be produced giving the web site address and the names of Parish Councillors and all relevant information could be put on the web site.









Pedestrian Crossing for Eastcombe

   The Highways Authority had asked whether a crossing was desirable in Eastcombe on the Bisley Road near Thomas Keble School. Members were asked to consider where would be the best position.   The Chairman and Clerk will discuss this further with the Authority during their next monthly meeting.



Oakridge Lynch Footpath MBL 69

   A quotation is still awaited for repairing this path, to eliminate annual flooding, which can then be forwarded to the County Council for approval and subsequent payment.



Road Signs

   The Chairman asked the members to let the Clerk know which road signs needed renewing or replacing.




   The Clerk reported on the recent meeting she had attended and handed the members details of the resolutions that had been discussed and passed.


A letter had been received from the Stroud Area (North) Group of Parish Councils asking for support in their bid to retain their right to have a voice in the planning process if there were no more than three or four objections.   A meeting has been planned for 7.00 p.m. on Thursday, 29th November in Painswick Town Hall and Messrs Brooks, Bryant and the Chairman expressed an interest in attending.



Grass Cutting Tenders

   The Clerk was asked to get tenders for grass cutting next year.   The Wards will also obtain quotations from local people to cut the grass in their own villages in order to achieve the best possible price.



Public Footpath MBL 16 – Bismore Farm

   The Clerk was asked to reply to the Highway Records Department requesting that this remains open and stating that it has been used by many people over the years. She was asked also to point out that there was another footpath adjoining this path, which had been obstructed by the present owners but was not on the definitive map and requesting that it be included. Mr Brooks said that he had many witnesses who would state that this path had been used for a number of years.





Collection of Bulky Household Waste

   A letter from Stroud District Council had been received stating the current system would stay in force until April next year when there would be an appointment based collection.



Cotswold Clouds Trial

   This will take place on 3rd February 2002.


  l)Oakridge Parochial School Governor
   A letter had been received from Oakridge Parochial School confirming that Mrs Sarah Salkeld was to be the new Governor representing the Parish Council.   The Clerk was asked to write and confirm that Mrs Salkeld’s appointment was acceptable to the Parish Council.


  Recent planning applications were available on the table for inspection together with the Planning Sub-committees’ comments, which are now attached to these minutes.


The following correspondence had been received during the month and was on the table :




Local Council Review


Clerks & Councils Direct



Gloucestershire County Council

Stroud Town Centre Transport Strategy


Cotswold Care Hospice

Tree of Light Celebration


Children with Leukaemia

Raffle tickets


Countryside Art

Commemorative mugs & plates



Letter re change to charitable company


Cotswold AONB Partnership

The Cotswold Lion



Annual Report








Gloucestershire Rural Community Council

Rural Voice


Norfolk China Ltd

Commemorative China





Police & Community Assn.

Invitation to meeting – 19th November



Training update


Stroud CAB

Annual Report



Dates of meetings


Gloucestershire County Council

Public Transport County Map


Valley & Vale Neighbourhood Watch

Survey results


  The Chairman read a letter from David Drew MP requesting the views of the Parish Council about the 20 mph speed restriction in Bisley. The Clerk was asked to reply indicating that they felt their was still room for improvement by way of traffic calming in the Cheltenham Road and a 30 mph restrict out of the village on the Eastcombe Road.



Ward Matters



   The 20 mph sign on Vanderbreen Street is now missing – the Clerk is to make enquiries and have it reinstated.


   Mr Rogers will let the Clerk know how many Cricket matches took place last year in order that a bill may be sent.


   Enquiries were made as to when Kennedy’s would reach Bisley for water main repairs. The Clerk stated that it should be in approximately two weeks.


   The 30 mph sign by the new footpath on Chalford Hill has been knocked down – the Clerk is to make enquiries to have it replaced.


Branches have been knocked off the trees and are now in the Recreation Ground. Also, leaves are creating a problem on the footpaths – the Clerk is to contact the local authority on both these points




   The vehicular access to Lynch Cottage was briefly discussed. A statement will be made to indicate that there has always been vehicular access to Lynch cottage and the Parish Council will support this statement.


   The Clerk was asked to approach the Highways Authority for a width restriction sign at the top and bottom of Crofts Hill.
   Mr Budgeon asked if potholes on the Camp Road could be filled in and Mr Bryant said that the pothole on the corner of the Bisley Road from Eastcombe once again needed attention.


   School Green and Farm Lane are in need of road sweeping. The Clerk was asked to organise this.



Date and Place of Next Meeting

  The next meeting will be held at 7.30 p.m. on Wednesday 5 December 2001 in Bisley WI Hall.


There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.10 p.m.