Minutes 6th June, 2001

at 7.30 p.m. on 6th JUNE 2001

Mrs P CarrickChairman
Mrs J M Martin
Mr J P L PerkinsBisley Ward
Mr N S Rogers
Mr R K BrooksEastcombe Ward
Mrs J W Russell
Mrs O M Turner
Mr A C Newman
Mr R N BudgeonOakridge Ward
Mr R S Bryant
Mrs E F JordanClerk
In attendance:  District Cllr L C Greene

No members of the public were present

  1. Apologies for AbsenceApologies had been received from County Cllr. Mr C Fellows, Mr M Flint (previous appointment), Mr T G Carter (holiday).
  2. Public ParticipationAs no members of the public were present, there was no public participation.
  3. Minutes of Previous MeetingThe minutes of the meeting held on 2nd May having been circulated to all members were approved after the alteration of two initials on the draft and the Chairman signed the Minute Book.
  4. Matters Arising
    1. Severn Trent WorksThe Clerk reported that the Customer Liaison Manager for John Kennedy had said that there was a two week delay in the programme of works.

      Mr Bryant reported that considerable inconvenience and anguish had been caused in Far Oakridge in the last week through lack of communication between the contractors and the residents. The Clerk is to contact the Liaison Manager in this respect.

    2. Survey from Education DepartmentMr Rogers reported that the Survey was aimed at those involved in full-time education and it was therefore very difficult to answer. He had informed the Education Department of this.
    3. Bisley 30 mph extension towards EastcombePlans for this had just been received before the meeting and therefore no Ward discussion had taken place. The Clerk was asked to reply to the covering letter emphasising that the 30 mph speed limit be extended out of Bisley at The Pike along Mares Lane by the old garage to the allotments.
    4. Selsley Herb Farm signsThe Clerk reported that the yellow AA signs were only temporary and would be replaced with brown signs. She was asked to enquire as to how many signs there would be eventually.
    5. Agreement with Junior Football TeamThe Clerk reported that there was no mention of the size of trees in the agreement with the Junior Football Team at Eastcombe.
    6. Mowing Machine – EastcombeThe new machine has now been delivered and Mr Brooks reported that he had been able to sell the old machine for the sum of £10.
    7. Restrictive Signs, Whiteway Hill, Oakridge LynchThe Clerk reported that a landowner adjoining the road had requested this restrictive sign and was requested to write to the County Council asking that the Parish Council be consulted if signs of this nature are to be put in place in future.
    8. Amended Standing OrdersThe amended Standing Orders had been circulated to members and were approved.
  5. District Council MattersDistrict Cllr Greene reported that she had made representations regarding the new bus time table for Oakridge and Bisley and had been informed that this would be reviewed in six months time.

    She asked for suggested agenda items for a meeting of the Rural Affairs Committee she was to attend shortly.

  6. County Council MattersAs County Councillor Fellows was unable to be present, nothing was raised under this heading.
  7. Finance
    Bank interest£ 8.44
    John Miller – Eastcombe Mower548.0095.90643.90
    John Davies – Repairs to Oakridge Bus Shelter38.5038.50
    George Rowles – Repairs to Oakridge Bus Shelter28.0028.00
    T Butt & Son – Repairs to Oakridge Bus Shelter21.003.6824.68
    BT Clerk’s telephone March-May69.0412.0881.12
    Playground Management Services – Inspection fee228.0039.90267.90
    Inland Revenue12.6412.64
    E F Jordan – May Salary413.15413.15
    Petty Cash50.0050.00
    £ 1408.33£ 151.56£ 1559.89
    Cash Balance as at 31st May 2001£ 13,951.59

    Accounts for 2000 – 2001

    The final accounts for audit were presented to the meeting and unanimously approved. The Chairman and Clerk signed these.

    The following were approved for payment at the July meeting.

    Oakridge closed churchyard£ 500.00
    Payments under S.137 of the Local Government Act 1972
    Bisley Newsletter£ 50.00
    Eastcombe Newsletter£ 50.00
    Oakridge Newsletter£ 50.00
    Gloucester Rural Community£ 15.00
    Gloucestershire Playing Fields£ 25.00
    CAB Stroud£ 75.00
    CPRE Annual Subscription£ 17.50
    Cotswold Canals Trust£ 20.00
    Victim Support, Stroud£ 30.00
    Stroud District Volunteer Bureau£ 50.00
    Cotswold Hospice£ 50.00
    Women’s Royal Voluntary Service£ 50.00
    Stroud Valley’s Open Studios£ 10.00
    Macmillan Cancer Relief – Gloucestershire Appeal£ 25.00
    Total£ 517.50
  8. Matters for Discussion
    1. WindyridgeMr Perkins reported on a meeting between the Parish Council and the District Council’s Planning Department. He told the meeting that Sovereign Homes were going to submit a planning application two weeks ago but nothing had been received as yet. Once the plans have been received arrangements will be made for the residents of Bisley to view them. It is anticipated that building could start in September.

      The land behind the bungalows has not been transferred to the developer and it was confirmed that the area of land will not be built on at present and Stroud District Council will maintain it as previously. It has been made clear to the District Council that the whole of the site was purchased for social and affordable housing and should be retained for this in the future.

      The play area has been scaled down and Sovereign Homes will equip this.

      It was stressed that priority for occupation will be given to Bisley residents or those wishing to move back to the area who have their names on the housing list.

      District Cllr Greene stressed that Stroud District Council would rely on information from the Parish Council for the housing needs in the Parish and an appraisal of housing needs should be considered in the near future.

    2. Proposed Sale of Land at EastcombeThe County Council have agreed to easements being granted by the Parish Council over the land in question and a site meeting has taken place. New plans will now be drawn up incorporating suggested amendments and Mr John Bridges of A E Smith has been instructed to act on behalf of the Parish Council.
    3. Terms for British Legion to use Bisley PavilionAn agreement has been drawn up and was signed by the Chairman and Mrs Janet Martin on behalf of the Parish Council.
    4. Oakridge PavilionExtensive repairs are now being undertaken and the Ward members asked for approval for the expenditure of £1,000. This was unanimously granted. A generous donation of £1,000 towards this work has been received from Mrs S F Gardiner in memory of her late husband and other offers of financial assistance have been received.
    5. GrantsIt was agreed that a meeting take place between Messrs Brooks, Budgeon and Perkins to discuss the feasibility of requesting grants for various projects. They will report back at the next meeting.
    6. Transport – Stagecoach / Cotswold Experience of StroudSurprise was expressed at the alteration of the bus timetable for Oakridge and Bisley without due warning. However, there had been a mixed reaction to the timings and District Cllr Greene has made representations. This is now being monitored in order to try and give residents a longer period in Stroud.

      A letter has been received from Halcrow, regarding the Stroud Rural Access Study and District Cllr Greene and the Chairman are to attend. The Clerk will reply to the letter.

    7. Stancombe Village SignsA letter had been received from the Highways Department indicating that there would be a charge of £155.00 for placing three village signs at Stancombe. This charge has recently been introduced and the members indicated their dissatisfaction with it. However, the Chairman had contacted the District Surveyor and negotiated a reduction of 50%. The clerk was asked to write to the Highways Department confirming this.

      Stancombe Triangle

      A letter and revised plans had just been received from the Highways Department. Although the Ward had not had time to meet on this, the revised plans appeared to be satisfactory and the Clerk was asked to write to the Highways Department accepting these revised plans.

      District Cllr Greene has spoken to some residents who would appear to be in agreement and a copy of the plan will be put on the Bisley Notice Board.

  9. PlanningThe Planning Applications were available on the table for inspection together with the Planning Sub-Committee’s comments and are attached to these minutes.
  10. CorrespondenceThe following correspondence had been received during May and had either been circulated or was available on the table:
    SDC Community Safety PartnershipAnnual Community Safety Panel Meeting on 6th June at 10.00am
    SDC Housing & Environmental ServicesConfirmation of Eastcombe Skip location
    Community TransportRing & Ride & Volunteer Car Service booking forms
    SDC Development & LeisureTrees with a story to tell – Tree Council Initiative
    SDC Housing & Environmental ServicesCouncil Tenants’ Garden Competition
    Notice & Nomination Forms
    Gloucestershire EnvironmentWaste Local Plan
    SDCAppointment of new CE
    CPRE VoiceSummer issue
    CPREInvitation to AGM
    SDCOakridge Skip confirmation
    SDCBisley Skip confirmation
    Long Distance Walkers AssnCotswold Challenge
    Cheltenham PoliceRequest for funding towards Mobile Police Station
    Gloucestershire CCLetter re: Stancombe Triangle
    SDCLarge Issue Dates letter
    The Country Side AgencyRural Community Councils info sheet
    Gloucestershire CCAnnual Report
    Gloucestershire CCDevelopment of Thomas Keble
    The Countryside AgencyVital Villages – Grants
    StagecoachBus Time table

    The Chairman read a letter congratulating the Council on the recently circulated Appraisal. Members asked for additional copies of the Appraisal and the Chairman said that a further supply was being printed.

    A letter was also read out from a resident of Stonecote Ridge regarding the funding of the Parish Council and suggesting that this could be increased. The Clerk was asked to reply with the Council’s appreciation and thanks.

  11. Ward Matters
    1. BisleyA footpath between Vanderbreen Street and the Eastcombe Road behind the shop is overgrown and the Ward will make arrangements to have this strimmed.

      It was also reported that the grass verge by The Bear needed strimming the clerk will check on who is responsible for this.

      Mr Flint was unhappy with the last paragraph of the letter from the Council confirming the siting of the skips and the Parish Council being responsible for policing. It was confirmed that this has always been the case.

      Mrs Martin reported that the Cricket Club was still leaving the Pavilion in an unacceptable state. This will be discussed at a Ward Meeting.

    2. EastcombeMrs Russell reported that some teenagers from Thomas Keble were using the children’s play equipment. This equipment is only suitable for small children. It would appear that the field is also being used for picnics by the pupils who leave an unacceptable amount of litter. A local resident was so incensed recently that she collected up the litter herself and took it to the school.

      The Clerk was asked to write to the Headmaster informing him of this and asking for his co-operation.

      Mr Brooks asked if maps of Parish Boundaries were available. The Clerk said that the District Council’s Chief Executive were dealing with this and they should be available shortly.

      Mr Brooks asked the Clerk to write to the District Surveyor enquiring as to what authority he used when indicating road names as those used by Severn Trent Contractors didn’t bear any resemblance to those used locally.

      It was also noted that all the Parish’s notice boards need refurbishing and the Clerk was asked to obtain a quote.

      The Clerk was asked to obtain a quotation for insuring various items of equipment owned by the Parish.

    3. OakridgeIt was noted that some stones had been knocked out of walls when the County Council cut the verges and a sign at Tunley has been knocked over.. The Clerk was asked to ask the Highways Department to have these replaced.
  12. Date and Place of Next MeetingThe next meeting will be held at Bisley W I Hall on Wednesday, 4 July at 7.30 p.m.

    There being no further business, the meeting closed at 9.45 p.m.