Minutes 6th December, 2000



Mrs P Carrick

Mr M G Flint} 
Mrs J M Martin}Bisley Ward
Mr J P L Perkins} 
Mr N S Rogers} 
Mr T G Carter} 
Mr R K Brooks)Eastcombe Ward
Mrs O M Turner} 
Mr A C Newman} 
Mr R N Budgeon)Oakridge Ward
Mr R S Bryant} 
Mrs E F Jordan Clerk


Three members of the public were present



Apologies for Absence


Apologies were received from Mrs J Russell (illness), Cllr C Fellows and Cllr L Greene.



Public Participation


Mrs B Brown commented on the untidy state of the Stancombe Triangle.   Mr Perkins reported that the Highways Department had agreed to sort the problem out. Mrs Brown asked that perhaps it would be possible, in the meantime, for traffic cones to be placed at strategic points on the land in order to stop lorries turning. The Clerk is to write to the Highways Department to see if this is possible.



Tree Warden


Mr R Mackie and his son-in-law attended and gave a report on the work that they were doing in the area.


He had been approached by residents adjacent to the play ground in Oakridge who were concerned with the noise. The Council is to consider a scheme to plant a row of trees at a cost of £60 to help alleviate this problem.



Minutes of Previous Meeting


The Minutes of the Meeting held on 1 November had been circulated to all members.   Mr Bryant asked that the minute 12.b)ii) on page 24 be changed with the additional wording ‘as it is a historic building’. This was agreed to. The Chairman then initialled the alteration and signed the minute book.



Matters Arising




A discussion took place as to whether a small charge should be made to local businesses and organisations who wished to give their details on the website as this was not a commercial site. Mr Brooks said that it was his intention to place a simple form on the site in order that those who wished their business to be included could complete it.   This method would not incur any charges and therefore it could be free.


It was also suggested that snow reports could be included.


Poppy Wreaths

  The Chairman thanked those who had laid poppies on the War Memorials last month.




  A letter has been received from Stroud District Crime and Disorder Partnership indicating that the CCTV Mobile System is no longer to go ahead.



Rural Grants Scheme

  The Chairman gave details of the applications that had been sent in from the Council :


Eastcombe Scout & Guide Group – £5,000

Oakridge Graveyard Group – unspecified

Eastcombe Baptist Church – £745

Eastcombe Sports Club – £4-5,000



District Council Matters


As the District Councillor was not able to attend the meeting, the Chairman read a letter she had received from her which included a request to draw the parish councillors’ attention to the warnings about winter waste refuse collections detailed on the grey bags in that if they are not collected, could parishioners please take their bags in until the next week





County Council Matters

 Nothing was raised under this heading





The Clerk gave a report on the course she had recently attended. There were a couple of points that should be addressed.

In future, the books will be audited by the Chairman every three months and the Clerk will prepared a form for each ward indicating planning applications and the Sub-committee’s recommendations for inclusion in the next full Council Meeting.


Receipts :

Lloyds Bank Interest18.21
Rent from Bisley Pavilion40.00


Cash Balances as at 30 November£10,613.81






BT – Parish Telephone Bill50.418.8259.23
Danka (Photo-copier)21.573.7725.34
Wicksteed Leisure (Oakridge – TOMPA))2517.00440.482957.48
The Consortium (Office Supplies)70.2112.3082.51
A J Pretty (Mowing Bisley Cemetery)  233.33
C R Fry (Mowing Bisley Churchyard)  300.00
T Butt & Son Ltd (Eastcombe Notice Board)2.88.493.37
Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal  30.00
E F Jordan (Clerk’s Petty Cash)  50.00
Salary Cheque – Clerk (2 months)  803.20
Inland Revenue/National Insurance (2 months)  51.56
Total Payments  4596.02


Anticipated payments to 1 January


Audit Commission (1998)269.08
Audit Commission (1999)251.69




Credit Balance as at 30 October 2000               £1841.26




Matters for Discussion



Parish Precept for 2001/02

  Following discussions at the November meeting, wards submitted estimated expenditure for the coming financial year as follows :












Added to these figures must be the figure for administration of £10,640 which gives a total of £21,000.   Although members were not happy with this increased figure, it was recognised that this was the smallest amount needed to keep the parish in good order. On a proposal by Mr Carter, seconded by Mr Bryant IT WAS RESOLVED to precept the sum of twenty one thousand pounds on Stroud District Council for the financial year 2001/02


20 mph Speed Limit – Bisley

  Mr Perkins reported on a meeting with Mr Lindsay, the Traffic Manager, in Bisley when the positioning of signs was discussed. It is hoped to have this work done in July 2001 with possible traffic calming the following financial year.



Eastcombe Accident

  A cheque has now been received from the Insurance Company to pay for the wall to be repaired which will be done in the next two weeks. It had been suggested that the entrance to the recreation field be moved but it was not felt that this was necessary.



Bisley Kerbing

  A useful meeting had taken place in Bisley with Mr Roberts of the Highways Department. He had explained that work could not commence until Severn Trent had completed various works in the High Street which were scheduled for the next financial year. After this, there will be major re-surfacing and a more suitable kerbing can then be replaced.


Mr Roberts had said that there will be more money available next year for the roads and if anyone had any knowledge of roads in urgent need of repair, please let the clerk know.






Winter Plans

  A letter has been received from County Council regarding the additional lengths of road on the priority pre-salt routes indicating that the length from Bisley to Oakridge is one of these routes. The letter indicated that this would be in the year 2001/2002 The Chairman said that she had rung the Council and asked if that route could be included this year.



Stancombe Triangle

  In Minute 2, page 25 the subject of cones in order to stop lorries turning was covered. The Clerk was asked to reply to Mr Lindsay’s letter of the 23 November to ascertain when the work on the new scheme outlined in that letter can be implemented.



Stancombe Village Entrance Sign

  It has been requested by residents that a sign be placed at the village entrance. Bisley Ward will discuss this at their ward meeting.



Middle Hill Footway

  Mr Brooks told the meeting that that path will now be ‘full width’. which was not in character with a country lane. There will be no street lighting at present. It was noted that this proposal together with work to be done at the Vatch amounts to some 1100 yards of footpath outside the built up area of the villages. Comparing this with the approximate requirement of 250 yards of footway campaigned for in the village of Bisley, alongside the Cheltenham Road, the Clerk was asked to write to the Director of Environment and ask what their priorities were when deciding which paths should be constructed.



Road Meeting

  Mr Rogers reported on the meeting he and Mr Perkins had attended which was chaired by David Drew MP and attended by the GCC Road Safety Officer.



Thomas Keble School and Partnership

  The Chairman has attended several meetings regarding the extension to the school to incorporate leisure facilities for the area. It has been stated that there is a shortfall of £20,000 above the available budget and the parishes that would benefit from this facility have been asked to contribute. A discussion ensued and the Council declined to contribute to this project at this time.





Bus Route Closures

A letter has been received from the Public Transport Manager stating that Stagecoach were changing their services. Several routes were to be closed in the parish and the clerk was asked to write a letter to the Council strongly opposing these closures.




Evening Bus Service

A letter from Stroud District Council has been received regarding contact by Cotswold Experience Tours asking whether it would be feasible to have a bus which could run in the evening between Stroud and Cheltenham, stopping at villages on the way. This would leave Stroud at around 6.30 p.m. and return at approximately 11.40 p.m.   This idea was met with enthusiasm and the clerk was asked to write to the Council although the potential number of parishioners who would take advantage of this was not known.   Notices will be placed onnotice boards asking for feedback.




New Options for County Council

A letter has been received regarding modernising local government and options to change decision making structures. The council felt that they needed time to consider this carefully.


A survey form had been given to some school children with a tear-off section to be returned to Shire Hall with just the post code to identify from where it had come.


The Clerk was asked to reply to the letter indicating the above.




Date of Parish Meeting

The date of the Parish Meeting will be Wednesday, 4 April 2001 at 7.00 p.m. at Thomas Keble School in Eastcombe followed by the Council Meeting.




Message in a Bottle

It was agreed that each ward would seek a representative to identify elderly recipients of this worthwhile project. The clerk will reply to the letter indicating that the council is in favour.





During the month, the following correspondence was received and not circulated to council members but was available at the meeting.



St Michael & All Angels Church


Stroud District Council

Gloucestershire CC

Gloucester Social Services

White lines and notice board, Eastcombe

New Street Cleaning Contract

Business Information Leaflet

Community Services




 Stroud Dist. Crime & Disorder Partnership

Clerks & Councils Direct

Grass Routes

Bisley News

Action for Market Towns

Stroud District Council

Stroud District Council

C & G College

Sovereign Housing Association

Gloucestershire CC

Stroud Area North Group

CCTV Bit – Mobile System


November magazine

Winter edition


Invitation to meeting in Somerset

Housing Strategy Consultation

Bisley proposed 20 mph Speed Limit

Training Courses for Parish Councils

Affordable Housing at Windy Ridge

Roads in Oakridge

Report of Initial Meeting


Ward Matters





Windy Ridge:

Mr Perkins indicated that there had been some misunderstandings in the village when Sovereign Housing Association had arrived on site with a JCB in order to do some exploratory work. However a letter had been sent to them to confirm that a public meeting would be held prior to any planning application being submitted in order that residents may be involved. The housing association is anxious that the meeting be held as soon as possible and the clerk was asked to write to them indicating that a public meeting will be held during the first two weeks of January 2001.







 i)Mr Carter reported that the ‘No Tipping’ sign on the allotment gates had been broken by a reversing car. The Clerk is to order a new sign.







The Highways Department have agreed in principle with the placing of a width restriction at both ends of a narrow lane in Eastcombe.


At a Ward meeting, it was agreed to place a further open notice board in Eastcombe, on the recreation ground.


Date and Place of Next Meeting


The next meeting is to be held at Eastcombe Baptist Church Hall on Wednesday 10 January 2001


There being no further business, the Chairman declared the meeting closed at 10.00 p.m.