Minutes 5th December, 2001

HELD at 7.30 p.m. on Wednesday, 5 December 2001
at Bisley Women’s Institute Hall


Mrs P Carrick Chairman
Mr M G Flint} 
Mrs J M Martin}Bisley Ward
Mr N S Rogers} 
Mr T G Carter} 
Mrs J W Russell}Eastcombe Ward
Mrs O M Turner} 
Mr A C Newman} 
Mr R N Budgeon}Oakridge Ward
Mr R S Bryant} 
Mrs E F Jordan Clerk

In attendance:    District Cllr L C Greene

County Cllr Mr C Fellows


1 member of the public was present



Apologies for Absence

Mr J P Perkins, previous appointment, Mr R K Brooks, pressure of work


Public Participation

  A member of the public requested that the Parish Council contact the Highways Authority to request that a section of road before the 20 mph speed restriction in Bisley be coated in red tarmac.   All present agreed with this action.

Minutes of Previous Meeting

  The draft minutes of the meeting held on 7th November 2001, having been circulated were approved and signed by the Chairman.



Matters Arising



Toadsmoor Road

   The Parish Council expressed disappointment at the County Council’s decision not to reinstate the lay-by. In a letter, the County Council had stated its intention to give greater attention to snow and ice clearance. The situation should be monitored and the Parish Council keep pushing for the reinstatement of the lay-by.



Severn Trent Works – Bisley

   The Clerk confirmed that John Kennedys would not commence work in Bisley until January next year.




Snow Procedures Winter Plan

   Gloucestershire County Council will shortly circulate a Winter Maintenance Plan for circulation to Snow Wardens.



Eastcombe Pedestrian Crossing

   Members agreed to the positioning of a possible crossing on the Bisley Road at Eastcombe between the cross roads and the School, opposite the play area. It was confirmed that the Highways Authority be requested to go ahead with this after consultation with the Parish Council.


  e)20 mph Speed Restriction – Bisley – David Drew MP
   The Chairman had received a letter from David Drew MP stating that he would raise the issue, with the County Council, of having a 30 mph speed restriction in Bisley before the 20 mph signs.

District Council Matters

  District Councillor Greene confirmed that tenders for Windyridge should now be in and as soon as details were known, she will inform the Clerk.


The Chief Executive of Stroud District Council circulates a Newsletter by e-mail and arrangements will be made for Bisley-with-Lypiatt Parish Council to be put on the mailing list.


Cllr Greene will attend a planning meeting in respect of transmitters in the area. She asked for the views of the Council. Mr Budgeon was against these for health reasons and felt that if wind generators were unacceptable to the Planning Authorities from an aesthetic point of view, so should the transmitters.


The Chairman said that a newspaper article had stated that with the lack of transmitters in the area, emergency services were being impaired due to lack of communication.


Cllr Greene will bring up these points at the meeting.



County Council Matters

  County Councillor Fellows told the meeting that the County Council had not met since last September although the Cabinet met frequently. He therefore had nothing to report. The Parish Council agreed with Cllr Fellows that the lack of meetings was unacceptable.









  Interest  7.07
  British Legion – Hire of Bisley Pavilion  75.00
  Eastcombe Allotments Rental y/e 30.9.01  97.50
  Cancelled Cheque – Gloucestershire Playing Fields   


  Refund of Bank Error  10.00


  James & Owen (Cash Book)16.472.8819.35
  Heath & Newman (Headwell repairs)400.0070.00470.00
  BT (Clerk’s telephone bill)60.6810.6171.29
  District Audit (2000/2001)108.0018.90126.90
  Charity of the Ancient Parish of Bisley (Chestergate allotments y/e 29.9.01) 






  Sodexho Ltd (Grass cutting for November)124.0021.70145.70
  E F Jordan (November Salary)  440.34
  Inland Revenue  25.22
  All Saints PCC (Grass Cutting)  543.00
  Cash Balance as at 30 November 2001 – £13,761.89

Matters for Discussion



Grass Cutting Tenders

   Four quotations had been received and circulated to members.   It was proposed by Mr Newman and seconded by Mr Budgeon that the quotation from Sports Ground Maintenance and Supplies amounting to £3,300 for the year 2002 be accepted. This was unanimously agreed.




   Following discussions at Ward Meetings, expenditure for the next financial year was estimated as follows :











Added to these figures is the cost of administration, which next year will amount to £20,455. This gives a total of £32,000. It was proposed by Mr Carter and seconded by Mr Bryant to precept the sum of thirty two thousand pounds on Stroud District Council for the financial year 2002/03.




Parish Council Questionnaire

   As this had been circulated to Wards and discussed at Ward Meetings the Clerk and Chairman were asked to complete this on behalf of the Council taking into account the answers received from the Wards. District Cllr Greene asked if she might have a copy.



Meeting at Painswick Parish Council

   The Chairman, Mr Budgeon and Mr Brooks had attended this meeting and found it informative and interesting. Its aim is to influence the District Council on the issue of delegated matters for planning applications in that the Parishes should have more involvement. The next meeting will take place at 7.30 on the 31st January 2002 in Painswick Town Hall.



DTLR Model Code of Conduct for Relevant Authorities

   This had been circulated to members and was discussed at some length.   It was requested that the Clerk contact GAPTC for guidance as well as Mike Rowan, Head of Legal and Democratic Services at Stroud District Council. A code of conduct must be in place by 5th May 2002 and a copy sent to the Standards Board for England.



DEFRA Quality Parish and Town Councils – Consultation Paper

   Further copies of this have been requested and will be forwarded to members as soon as they are available.


The following planning applications had been received during the month of November









  BisleyUpper Battlescombe FarmAlteration and extension to farmhouse (listed building consent)Comment: to ensure all materials used are sympathetic to the existing building
  BisleyHoney Way, StancombeErection of storage shedComments: We feel that this is over development of what is strictly a domestic site.

There is some concern that the building might be for commercial use and although not opposed to this we feel the use


     should be monitored and consent for change of use be sought with full consideration given to access, traffic flow, nature of business etc.

Can any consent be subject to an approval landscaping scheme to lessen the impact on the immediate locality.

  BisleyUpper Battlescombe FarmAlerations and extensions to farmhouseSupport
  EastcombeWoodland YardErection of single storey officeNo observations


The following correspondence was received during the month of November

  NALCBooking form for the National Association of Local Councils 14-16 June 2000
  Stroud District volunteer BureauAnnual Review – 2000/01
  Macmillan Cancer ReliefThe Link in Gloucestershire
  Bisley NewsDecember/January
  The Cotswold PartnershipThe Cotswold Lion
   Annual Report 2000/01
  CPREPlanning Update
  The Countryside AgencyRegional View – The South West
  CPREOctober Newsletter
  GRHAAnnual Report 2001
  NALCLocal Council Review
  Community Safety PartnershipBi-annual Report
  BBC Music LiveLetter re Jubilee Celebrations

Ward Matters





   The Clerk was asked to contact the County Council to request that rubbish be removed from the Quarry at Bisley which was being used by Ringway’s workmen.


It was agreed that the insurance payments for the Eastcombe Pavilion would, in future be paid by the Parish Council.



   Mr Bryant told the meeting that there had been vandalism of cars in Oakridge recently.

Date and Place of Next Meeting

  The next meeting will be held at Bisley W I Hall at 7.30 p.m. on Wednesday, 9th January 2002.


There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.40 p.m.