Minutes 4th October, 2000


Mrs P J CarrickChairman
Mr J P L PerkinsBisley Ward
Mr N S RogersBisley Ward
Mr T G CarterEastcombe Ward
Mr R K BrooksEastcombe Ward
Mr R S BryantOakridge Ward
Mr D J TaylorClerk
Mrs E F JordanClerk designate
In attendance: District Cllr L C Greene

Two members of the public were present.


Apologies for absence had been received from Parish Councillors Martin (holiday), Newman ( business), Flint (holiday), Turner (holiday) and Budgeon (holiday).
County Cllr Fellows also tendered his apologies as he was required to chair a meeting at Stroud District Council.


Nothing was raised under this heading.


The Minutes of the Meeting held on 6th September, having been circulated to all members, were approved and the Chairman signed the Minute Book.



      1. Saxon Cross.

A new lock had been placed on the entrance and the whole area around the Cross was now looking good.

      1. Footpath in Oakridge (MBL 71)

The Chairman confirmed that a letter to Gloucestershire County Council had been drafted by Oakridge Ward and the Clerk had sent a letter to the Footpaths Officer yesterday. A copy of the letter was handed to Mr Bryant.

      1. Well head at Crofts Hill

The Chairman felt that it was high time that work was started on this area in accordance with the planting plan which had been prepared some time ago. She asked for an on-site meeting at 2 p.m. on Tuesday 24th October of all Oakridge Ward members together with Mr Holliday and Mr Mark King: the Clerk was asked to send out a confirmatory letter.

      1. Resignation of Parish Clerk

The Chairman told the Meeting that interest in the Clerk’s job following our advertisement in the Stroud News and Journal had been considerable, with some 20 responses. Of the C Vs submitted – and they were all of high quality – as short list of three was drawn up and interviews were conducted by a Panel comprising herself and the three Ward Chairmen. The successful candidate was Mrs Liz Jordan who was then formally introduced to the Meeting and who was welcomed by all members. The present Clerk said he would be prepared to work with Mrs Jordan during November to help her in any way possible.

      1. Windyridge Development

The Chairman asked District Councillor Greene if she would kindly update the Parish Council. The District Councillor told the Meeting that Stroud District Council had written to the Department for Employment, Transport and the Regions who had replied to the effect that they had no objections to what had been proposed by the District Council over this matter. However, there had now been a strongly worded paper issued by the District Council’s own finance department advising that the District Council might be open to censure if it did not obtain the best price possible for the land involved. There was to be a full meeting of the District Council on12th October when this subject would be raised and a decision made. Parish councillors were horrified by this news : the matter of affordable housing at Windyridge had been dragging on for over 20 years and now, just as we were within sight of a successful conclusion, this should have happened. The Clerk was instructed to write a letter in the strongest possible terms urging the District Council to note the advice of its finance officer but to allow the development to take place.


District Councillor Greene said that she had nothing further to communicate to the Parish Council this evening.


As County Councillor Fellows was unable to be present this evening, nothing was raised under this heading.

    1. FINANCE
The B J Group – refund re Oakridge Rec Ground200.34
TOMPA – Donation3,014.00
B J & P V Dixon – hire of Bisley Pavilion25.00
Lloyds Bank – interest, Sep5.76
Cash balances as at 30th September7,122.95
Stroud Sign Centre – “No Tipping” notices4.3825.0029.38
News Comm & Media plc –advert, new clerk37.80221.00258.80
Npower – electricity charges, Bisley Pav.469.319.77
J Davis – repairs to Eastcombe notice boardnil6.006.00
J N C (Fire Protection) – Inspection, Bis Pav3.4019.4522.85
D J Taylor – Clerk’s petty cashnil50.0050.00
J W West – building of basketball court175.001,000.001,175.00
Alex Bryant – Cutting of Fountain Piecenil50.0050.00
Edward Watkins – Village green & strimmingnil131.79131.79
Total payments1,733.59
Anticipated payments to 31st October
Mr R F Gardiner – tree work on Eastcombe Rec Ground50.00
Wicksteed – Teenage Single Tower440.482,517.002,957.48
Anticipated receipts to 31st October
TOMPA – final donation200.00
Precept (2nd instalment)8,300.00
Bisley Cricket Club – match fees for 2000 season100.00




Credit balance as at 30th September 2000       £1,840.51

The Clerk suggested that, in view of the pitiful amount of interest being paid on this account (1% pa), the Council might wish to consider transferring this money to a more fruitful field.


District Auditor’s Report

The audited accounts for the year ended 31st March 2000 were presented to the Council. Once again, an unqualified opinion had been given – the fifth in a row – but the Auditor had raised one or two points which he suggested might improve things. The Clerk said that he did not agree with some of the points raised and he was asked to take these up with the auditor.

      1. Parish Council Web Site

Mr Brooks informed the Meeting that the web site had been registered that very day. Apart from the initial registration fee of £175, the site would cost £6.25 per month. The Parish Council agreed to pay these sums.

      1. Art work, Oakridge Bus Shelter

The Chairman said that she had been approached by the Head Teacher of Oakridge Village School who had asked if his pupils would be allowed to decorate the inside of the shelter, which was parish council property, with modern, colourful designs. After a brief discussion, this was agreed and the Clerk was asked to write to the Head to confirm.

      1. Stroud District Council Rural Projects Grants

The Chairman again reminded members of the deadline for submission of requests and asked that a copy of the SDC paper CE 11/9/60, which had been supplied by D Cllr Greene, be circulated to all Ward chairmen.

      1. Fountain Piece, Oakridge

The Chairman said that the Oakridge Society had offered to drain the water troughs at the site and place bungs in the bottom, of the troughs which could be removed and then the troughs refilled with clean water. Mr Battinson, a member of the Oakridge Society, was present and members expressed their appreciation of the offer and asked him to go ahead.

      1. Bisley Pavilion

Mr Rogers spoke on behalf of Mrs Martin, the Playing Fields Warden. There had recently been an unfortunate incident when the pavilion had been left in a very untidy state and it has been agreed that there should be a meeting between the Cricket Club and Ward Members of Bisley Ward to resolve some differences of opinion which have arisen in connection with the Agreement between the Parish Council and the Club. Mr Rogers also said that they were looking in to the possibility of providing a cleaner for the premises to be paid for by the Club and. possibly the Council. Mr Perkins also mentioned that they were looking into providing new materials for the windows to try to reduce the bills for damage.

      1. Bisley War Memorial

The Clerk informed the Council that the railings had been removed and that the re-installation should be completed in the coming week. He had asked if the undamaged railings might be re-painted when the damaged ones were replaced and R F Gardiner’s representative had said that he had asked for this to be done.

      1. South Gloucestershire Community Composting Site

The Chairman said that District Cllr Greene had provided her with some proposals for the setting up of such a site in the Eastcombe area. The Ward Chairman took the paper from Mrs Carrick and said that the matter would be discussed in Ward.

      1. Oakridge Recreation Ground

The Chairman told the Meeting that Mr Alex Weare had cut the bottom of the Ground, where the wild flowers grow and which was badly in need of a cut, without making any charge. Members expressed their appreciation and asked that a letter of thanks be sent to Mr Weare.

      1. Oakridge Museum

The Chairman said that as Mr Budgeon who was dealing with the matter was unable to be present, she would ask the Council if they would agree to a submission to Stroud District Council for a small building to be added to the Village Hall as a museum on behalf of the Oakridge Society. If agreed, the cost of the application would be much less than if the Society submitted it on their own. It was explained that the museum would be of benefit to the whole community and the members of the Council agreed for the application to be submitted in their name. The Oakridge Society would refund the Council the costs involved.



During the month, the following correspondence was received which has either been circulated to members or made available on the table at tonight’s Meeting.

Glos County Council – Waste Local Plan Deposit Draft 2002 – 2012
(representations by 26th October 2000)

Beacon Millennium Ltd – Invitation to light a beacon on 31 Dec 2000

Glos County Council – School Organisation Plan: Annual Review
(representations by 8th November)

Stroud District Council – Community Safety Panel Meeting 15 Nov in Council Chamber, Ebley Mill at 10 a.m.

Clerks & Councils Direct – September Issue

Stroud Valleys Project – Annual Report 1999 – 2000

Glos Assn of Parish & Town Councils – Notification of 63rd AGM at Lydbrook on 21st October and the Annual Report and Financial Statements for the year ended 31st March 2000

C P R E (Stroud District Branch) – Programme of events Oct – Feb 2001

Stroud District Council – Notification that the Revised Deposit Plan is available for inspection. A copy will be made available to the parish clerk.

Wildgoose Publications – offer to supply aerial maps of villages in the 19th C together with a modern coloured photograph of the same area

Stroud & District Citizens Advice Bureau – Annual report 1999/2000 and covering letter

      1. Bisley
        1. Mr Perkins said that he had been asked to bring up, once again, the matter of the Japanese Knotweed at the Saxon Cross. The Clerk replied that he believed that this had now been treated.
        2. Mr Perkins also asked if he could be supplied with a copy of the Appeal Decision in the case of Througham/Slad footpath.
        3. Mr Rogers said that, despite some road work, The Bear public house was still experiencing flooding in heavy rain. The Clerk said he would make the necessary inquiries of the District Surveyor.
        4. The white lines in the centre of the road had still not been done nor the markings in George St.
          (Clerk’s Note: The road linings were done two days after the Meeting and the George Street markings have been promised for the week beginning 10th October.
      2. Oakridge
        1. Mr Bryant thanked the Clerk for the letter to County Highways about the pre-salting of the bus route Oakridge/Bisley and hoped we might have a response. He also said that Thos Keble School, of which he was a governor, were also pressing for this particular road to be included.
        2. Mr Bryant reminded members of the help which was available to young people from the John Taylor Foundation. The last Meeting had had to be cancelled because there were no supplicants.
        3. Thos Keble School had also expressed thanks for the work done on Eastcombe Playing Field and had said that the work to repair the fence was in hand: a letter on both points was on its way
        4. Finally Mr Bryant reported that he had seen the SDC dog warden who had agreed to put a dog dirt bin near the village hall.
      3. Eastcombe



The next Meeting would be held in the Church Room of the BAPTIST CHAPEL, EASTCOMBE at 7.30 pm on Wednesday 1st November 2000


There being no further business, the Chairman declared the Meeting closed at 9.05 pm
(Clerk’s final note: the earliest in over 5 years !)