Minutes 4th July, 2001

Mrs P CarrickChairman
Mrs J M MartinBisley Ward
Mr J P L PerkinsBisley Ward
Mr N S RogersBisley Ward
Mr T G CarterEastcombe Ward
Mr R K BrooksEastcombe Ward
Mrs J W RussellEastcombe Ward
Mrs O M TurnerEastcombe Ward
Mr R N Budgeon
Mrs E F JordanClerk

In attendance: District Cllr L C Greene, County Cllr C Fellows

01.071.Apologies for Absence
M Flint (holiday), R Bryant (previous appointment) and T Newman (holiday)
01.072.Public Participation
As there were no members of the public present there was nothing under this heading
01.073.Minutes of Previous Meeting
The minutes of the meeting held on the 6th June having been circulated to all members were approved and the Chairman signed the Minute Book.
01.074.Matters Arising
a)Severn Trent Water
It was noted that the Wards who had recently had their water cut off whilst John Kennedy undertook remedial work to the pipes, had experienced very few problems and where there was a problem, this had been dealt with speedily and in an efficient manner by John Kennedy.
b)Bisley 20 mph and 30 mph Speed Restrictions
This matter is progressing smoothly.
c)Whiteway Hill – Restriction Signs
A letter had been received from the Highways Department explaining that they had a legal obligation to warn the general public of traffic hazards, which was an overriding factor when they made their decisions.
d)Middle Hill Footway
This is going ahead satisfactorily and the Parish Council’s Solicitor is in touch with the County Council
e)Stancombe Triangle
A revised plan has been received and the Ward is happy with this
f)Eastcombe Recreation Ground Play Equipment – Thomas Keble
A letter has been received from the Head Master apologising for the pupils leaving litter and using the play equipment during their ‘study leave’. It was agreed that the situation should be monitored over the next few weeks. A quotation for the repair of damaged walls is now being sought.
g)Bisley Pavilion Dustbin
This has now been delivered and is in place.
01.075.District Council Matters
District Cllr Greene told the meeting that the Windyridge Planning Application had been recommended and included a play area, which will serve the new development only.

She will shortly attend a meeting regarding the impact of the Foot and Mouth epidemic on tourism and asked for comments. Mr Brooks said that there had been confusion with the different yellow and orange notices sent out to replace the ‘Closed’ signs. It was also noted that although the footpaths were opened on a Saturday, the telephone help line number on these notices was only available during office hours Monday to Friday.

Mr Perkins said he understood many millions of pounds had been allocated to farmers during the outbreak but businesses affected were not being compensated to the same degree.

Cllr Greene will put these points to the meeting she attends.

01.076.County Council Matters
Cllr Fellows was told that flooding on the Bisley to Camp road has occurred since the Highways Department put kerbs on some corners to prevent potholing. The Chairman and the Clerk will bring this up at their next meeting with the Highways Department.

Cllr Fellows had received a copy letter regarding the 20 mph speed limit in Bisley and passed a copy to the Clerk for photocopying. He told the meeting that the work would start soon after the appropriate parties had signed this document.

R K Brooks – Sale of Eastcombe Mower10.00
Hire of Bisley Pavilion5.00
Mrs S F Gardiner – Donation towards Oakridge Pavilion1000.00
Oakridge Football Club Donation50.00
Bank interest9.32
£ 1,074.32
N Power – Bisley Pavilion25.271.2526.52
BT – D J Taylors final telephone bill62.44
Jeremy Simmons Landscapes Ltd
Stonecote Ridge grass cutting
June 2000
Accott Mower Services – Eastcombe Strimmer Service74.42
John Miller (Corsham) Ltd – Oakridge Mower repairs32.545.6938.23
E F Jordan – June Salary412.05
Inland Revenue13.74
Petty Cash50.00
Oakridge PCC – upkeep of closed churchyard500.00
Mrs P J Carrick – Chairman’s allowance
Bisley Newsletter50.00
Eastcombe Newsletter50.00
Oakridge Newsletter50.00
Gloucester Rural Community15.00
Gloucestershire Playing Fields25.00
CAB Stroud75.00
CPRE Annual Subscription17.50
Cotswold Canals Trust20.00
Victim Support, Stroud30.00
Stroud District Volunteer Bureau50.00
Cotswold Hospice50.00
Women’s Royal Voluntary Service50.00
Stroud Valleys Open Studios10.00
Macmillan Cancer Relief – Gloucestershire Appeal25.00
Wiltshire County Council – Grass cutting April/May631.68110.54742.22
Bisley Women’s Institute10.00
Severn Trent – Oakridge Village Hall60.24
Severn Trent – Bisley Allotments24.43
Severn Trent – Eastcombe Allotments16.79
Severn Trent – Oakridge Allotments9.17
D W E Robbins – Oakridge Pavilion Repairs255.0044.63299.63
Alex Bryant – Oakridge grass cutting57.50
John Miller (Corsham) – Strimmer repair
Totals1,146.42197.45£ 3,452.15
Cash Balance as at 30th June 2001£ 13,393.75
Lock-up account balance as at 11.6.01£ 1,856.87
01.078.Matters for Discussion
a)Rospa – Ward Reports
Bisley: There were no adverse comments on the report. The Clerk was asked to purchase notices saying ‘No Dogs’ and ‘No Kite Flying’.

Eastcombe: There are one or two points to be looked at but nothing serious. The Ward Chairman had spoken to Mr Gardiner and the Clerk was asked to contact him for a quotation to deal with the items in question. The meeting agreed that the repairs should go ahead if the quotation was for less than £500.

Oakridge: There were no adverse comments on the report for Oakridge and all necessary repairs and painting will be undertaken. There is a spare swing and it was suggested that this could be sold.

Waterlane: Some of the equipment requires painting in non-leaded paint.

This is progressing satisfactorily and goes to Committee next week and work should start shortly. The latest plans were on display last weekend and a few residents called in to see them.

The Chairman had some leaflets explaining ‘shared ownership’ for anyone interested. It was stressed, once again, that anyone interested in this housing should have their names on the housing list and have local connections either through family or work.

c)Bisley Pavilion
There have been one or two problems and the code for the lock was changed last week, which resulted in one or two complaints. Mr Rogers is to liase with the Cricket Club in future but Mrs Martin still has overall responsibility for the recreation ground and booking of the Pavilion. A meeting has been arranged with the Cricket Club and the Bear Inn Cricket Team next week with cleaning as the main issue.
Oakridge Pavilion
There are now funds available to do the necessary work that has already commenced. Mrs Gardiner has donated £1,000 in memory of her late husband, the Parish Council has pledged £1,000 and Mr Raphael £1,500.
A meeting has taken place between Mr Budgeon, Mr Brooks and Mr Perkins with a view to completing the necessary forms for a Parish Plan. A meeting with the GRCC is planned next week to discuss this further.

IT WAS RESOLVED that the Parish Council will produce a Parish Plan. This resolution was proposed by Mr Budgeon and seconded by Mr Brooks.

e)Insurance of Assets
Some assets owned by the Parish Council are not insured. The Clerk has obtained a quotation for insuring these which was accepted by the Council and it was agreed to consult Mr Newman on the reinstatement value of the Bisley and the Oakridge Pavilion and other buildings for insurance purposes.

It was agreed that at this time, the playground equipment would not be covered.

f)GAPTC AGM – Agenda Items
The Council had received propositions for the above meeting in October. These were all acceptable.

Parish Councillors were asked to complete and return to the Clerk the Ballot Papers for the election of two County Committee Members for GAPTC.

g)Stroud District Local Plan
This is being circulated to the Wards and will be returned to the Clerk in due course.
h)Pest Control
It has become obvious that there is a serious and unacceptable infestation of rats in the district and the Clerk was asked to write to the Pest Control at the District Council requesting that the baiting of main sewers, if not already done, should be a matter of high priority.
i)Road Improvements
Now that improvement and kerbing work is being undertaken on the Bisley to Camp Road, it was requested that the Clerk and the Chairman request the Highway’s Department to improve and kerb (where necessary) on the Eastcombe to Bisley Road at their next meeting.

The meeting was told that the Highways Department had painted white lines on the Bisley to Oakridge road to improve safety and reduce the speed of motorists.

Last year, the Council was informed that improvements would be made to The Vatch at Eastcombe including a footpath. The Clerk was asked to enquire as to the progress of this scheme.

There are large trees overhanging The Vatch, which are being knocked off by large vehicles. The Clerk is to ask the Council to cut these back

Gloucestershire County Council/Gloucestershire Rural Community CouncilConference Report
Gloucestershire Police AuthorityInvitation to Policy and Community Consultative Meeting
Gloucestershire CrimestoppersNews Update
Gloucestershire Health AuthorityLetter re Health Improvement Programme
SDC Community Safety PartnershipMinutes of meeting held on 6 June
CPREAnnual Report & invitation to AGM
SDCHousing Strategy 2001/2005
CPREPlanning Update
01.0710.Ward Matters
The brown signs to Selsley Herbs are now in place. The Clerk was asked to enquire as to when the yellow AA signs will be removed.
A vehicle has damaged the rubbish bin at the entrance of the Allotments. The Clerk was asked to inform Stroud District Council. The same vehicle also damaged the stone wall. The Clerk was asked to get a quotation for its repair.

A letter has been received indicating that Miss Gaston’s term as a Primary School Governor expires in September. Miss Gaston is willing to continue in this role if there are no other volunteers.

A complaint has been received of people playing golf on the Recreation Ground. The Council did not feel that they could take any action on this but the situation would be monitored.

The Clerk was asked to contact the Highways Department in respect of the surface of a slip road in Far Oakridge, the road to the shop and the road from the School to Farm Lane. There is a continuing problem with water outside Mrs Blair’s garage.
01.0711.Date and Place of Next Meeting
The next meeting will be held at Bisley W I Hall on Wednesday 1st August 2001

There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.30 p.m.