Minutes 4th April, 2001



Mrs P CarrickChairman
Mrs J M Martin}Bisley Ward
Mr J P L Perkins}
Mr N S Rogers}
Mr T G Carter}
Mr R K Brooks}Eastcombe Ward
Mrs J W Russell}
Mrs O M Turner}
Mr A C Newman}
Mr R N Budgeon}Oakridge Ward
Mrs E F JordanClerk

In attendance: District Cllr L C Greene

2 members of the public were present

1.Apologies for Absence
Mr Michael Flint, holiday, Mr Richard Bryant, illness. County Cllr C Fellows
2.Public Participation
There was nothing raised under this heading.
3.Minutes of Previous Meeting
The minutes of the meting held on 7 March having been circulated to all members were approved and the Chairman signed the Minute Book.
4.Matters Arising
a)Contaminated land
A copy of an e-mail received from Stroud District Council Housing & Environmental Health Technician giving an explanation of ‘contaminated land’ was circulated to the Wards.
b)Grass Cutting
The Clerk confirmed that she had written to the County Highways Department confirming that they should cut the grass verges in the parish this year.

The Clerk had also been in touch with Wilts Direct who had agreed to reduce their quotation for grass cutting in the parish for the next season and their revised quotation had been accepted.

c)Dog Warden re: Eastcombe Recreation Ground
The Clerk confirmed that she had contacted the Dog Warden in respect of the dog fouling on Eastcombe Recreation Ground who had promised to visit on a regular basis. However, dog fouling is also now becoming a problem on streets in the area and the Clerk was asked to contact the Dog Warden again. 
5.District Council Matters
District Councillor Greene told the meeting of the Radon Action Plan. The District Council is working at a number of levels, seminars and local workshops. She said there were 212 households in the district that are known to be affected by radon. Householders affected will be provided with financial assistance to carry out simple remedial measures .

She confirmed that the District Council Planning Committee would not support the planning application of a telecommunications mast at Bisley.


6.County Council Matters
As County Councillor Fellows was unable to be present, nothing was raised under this heading. 
E F Jordan (March Salary)405.85405.85
Inland Revenue (Tax & NI on Clerk’s Salary)21.5321.53
R Underwood – Repair of Bisley Pavilion435.0076.12511.12
Morris Bucknall – Waterlane Maintenance31.2331.23
Clerk’s Petty Cash50.0050.00
M J Dickinson – Allotment Rent150.00
Bisley Allotment Rents60.00
VAT Refund1486.10
Cash Balance as at 31st March 2001£4685.24
8.Matters for Discussion
a)Possible Changes in the format of Planning Reporting
IT WAS RESOLVED to accept Mr Bob Brook’s procedures for reporting Planning Applications. The Clerk is to have a meeting with the Mr Brooks and Planning Sub-Committee Chairman John Perkins in order to implement them.
b)Possible Changes in the format of Parish Council Meetings
IT WAS RESOLVED that Arrangements and Conduct of Business dated 10 March 2001 as drafted by Mr Michael Flint be incorporated into the Parish Council’s Standing Orders forthwith.
c)Motion by Chairman re: action on new legislation
There was growing concern at the amount of paperwork that was being sent through from both County Council, District Council and various other agencies. The Chairman suggested that a volunteer Councillor should be responsible for reading such documents and reporting his/her findings to Parish Council Meetings. This would both save discussion time at Council Meetings and expedite matters with deadlines.

The main categories at present were seen as Transport, Planning and the Environment. The Chairman, Mrs Pat Carrick volunteered to report on Transport issues, the Sub-Committee Chairmen volunteered to report on Planning issues and it was suggested that the Environment be reported by volunteers as and when documents were received.

There may be a parishioner, unconnected to the council, who could volunteer to report on a subject that they had an interest and/or expertise in.

d)Parish Councils’ Way Forward
This will be discussed at a later meeting
e)The Countryside Agency
This will be discussed at a later meeting after the Special Meeting on Monday, 9th April when a talk will be given.
f)Comments on GAPTC Report – February 2001
Code of Conduct for Elected Members:A Consultation paper had been received from DETR dated February 2001 and circulated to councillors. The Clerk was asked to confirm to GAPTC that the contents were acceptable to Bisley-with-Lypiatt Parish Council.


g)Listing of Oakridge War Memorial
The Chairman proposed that enquiries were made into the listing of Oakridge War Memorial because of its historical interest.All were in agreement.
h)Proposed sale of land at Eastcombe Recreation Ground to Gloucestershire County Council
A letter has been received from Gloucestershire County Council regarding the purchase of two small plots of land, one on the allotments and one on the Recreation Ground, from the Parish Council to enable soakaways to be constructed for the Middle Hill Footway. Mrs Jeanne Russell remembered that in the 1960’s Gloucestershire County Council wanted to buy the Recreation Ground but were prevented from so doing because the land had been gifted to the Parish in perpetuity and cannot be sold. The Chairman and Clerk are to investigate.The greatest concern is that trees may be felled on the Recreation Ground.

The Clerk was asked to acknowledge receipt of the letter and state that legal advice was being sought.

9.Planning Applications
Medlock Communications – Land at Limekiln Farm – Installation of telecommunications pole – Opposed.SDC – Windyridge – outline permission for residential development – Supported

Greystones – Erection of garage with games room – Supported

Allwinds – Erection of 2 storey side extension

High Meadow – Formation of pitched roof – Supported

2 Brockley Acres – Erection of single storey extension – no observation 

The Bungalow – Erection of extensions – no observations

Fairview Cottage – Erection of extension

Pepworth – Removal of condition of permission relating to residential annexe

The Old Post Office – Erection of pitched roof over existing – support 

Oakhurst, Far Oakridge – Erection of circular timber open sided garden gazebo


The following correspondence was received during March and was on the table to read.
NALCLocal Council Review
William DavisQuote for Eastcombe Recreation Ground Wall
Country Side AgencyLetter re Rural Services Survey 2000
SDCKeynotes/SDC Housing Partnership
NTP((UK)Quad Bikes for hire
CPREBledisloe Cup
EliteBrochure for outdoor furniture
GCCLetter – Gloucestershire Minerals Local Plan
GCCDeveloping new political management structure
CPREPlanning Update
SDCStroud Town Centre Transport Study Invitation
Stroud Valleys ProjectNews from SVP
UK VillagesLeaflet re Websites
The Countryside AgencyNew Rights, New Responsibilities
Morris BucknellQuote for Cherrypiece, Waterlane
11.Ward Matters
Windows have been replaced in the Pavilion and a new lock has been fitted. It is hoped to decorate the Pavilion when the weather improves.
A request has been received via District Cllr Greene from new residents in Manor Farm Lane, asking for a name plate.

Mr Carter stated that the road was, in fact, called The Leys and had been discussed at a Ward Meeting. The Ward Councillors are not in favour of naming little by-ways as they feel it is creeping urbanisation. The Clerk was therefore asked to write to the residents informing them of the decision.

Mr Carter asked whether the wall that had collapsed in Wells Road in Eastcombe between Woodview and Uplyme impeding access had yet been cleared. The Clerk informed him that the Highways Authority had confirmed that this had been done. 

Mrs Russell stated that the footpaths in Brockley Acres were in a bad state of repair. The Clerk confirmed that the Highways Authority had stated their intent to resurface these this year.

Mr Newman stated that there had been a report that the burning of carcasses due to foot and mouth disease would take place in Aston Down. He had already contacted MAAF who were non-committal. As Oakridge is down-wind of this site, he was concerned as to the air quality if this should go ahead.

He asked the Clerk to write to MAAF on behalf of the Council, with a copy of David Drew MP stating their objection. All were in agreement.

12.Date and Place of Next Meeting
The Annual General Meeting is to be held on Wednesday, 2nd May at 7.30 p.m. at Bisley WI Hall. 
There being no further business, the meeting closed at 9.45 p.m.