Minutes 1st August, 2001




Mrs P Carrick Chairman
Mr M G Flint} 
Mrs J M Martin}Bisley Ward
Mr J P L Perkins} 
Mr N S Rogers} 
Mr T G Carter} 
Mr R K Brooks}Eastcombe Ward
Mrs J W Russell} 
Mrs O M Turner} 
Mr A C Newman} 
Mr R N Budgeon}Oakridge Ward
Mr R S Bryant} 
Mrs E F Jordan Clerk

No members of the public were present



Apologies for Absence

  District Councillor Miss L C Greene and County Councillor Mr C Fellows



Visit from Gloucester Rural Community Council


An interesting presentation was given by Mr Keith Harrison of the Countryside Agency on Village Plans and grants.



Public Participation

  Nothing was raised under this heading.

Minutes of Previous Meeting

  The draft minutes of the meeting held on 4 July having been circulated to all members were approved with an amendment to 01.07 10 c) which should read ‘….of a slip road past Pigeon House in Oakridge Lynch, the road…..’, and the Chairman signed the Minute Book.



Matters Arising



Severn Trent

   Mr Flint asked when Kennedys would commence work on the Bisley High Street. The Clerk said that she had spoken to them and was informed that there was no work planned. As the Highways Department had said that resurfacing Bisley High Street would not be feasible this year because of this work, she was asked to contact them for an explanation.










Middle Hill Footway

   The Clerk informed the meeting that the solicitor was undertaking a search in respect of ownership of the Allotments.



Stancombe Triangle

   All is progressing smoothly.




   The signs for the Bisley playground have now been purchased. A quotation is still awaited for the work to be done to the Eastcombe site. The spare swing at Oakridge is to be retained by them for Waterlane.


   Formal planning has now been granted and work should commence shortly.


   There would appear to be confusion as to how to register an interest in the shared equity housing. The Clerk was asked to contact Mr O’Brien of the Housing Department in Stroud to ascertain the correct procedure.



Oakridge Pavilion

   A quotation is now awaited for the new windows and work should commence as soon as possible. Approval was sought for the expenditure of a further £1000 and this was unanimously agreed.



Insurance of Assets

   Mr Newman has now given an indication of the replacement cost of The Lock-up, Bisley War Memorial and the Fountain Piece, Oakridge. The Clerk will now obtain a new insurance quotation for approval.



District Council Matters

  As the District Councillor was not present, there was nothing raised under this heading.



County Council Matters

  County Councillor Fellows was not able to be present but had sent a message with regard to the resurfacing work being undertaken at The Vatch, Eastcombe, indicating that this work will cause a huge amount of traffic back-up. Hopefully, the work should be completed before the end of the school holidays.












Oakridge Village Hall (Water)


Hire of Bisley Pavilion


Gloucestershire CC (right of way)


Bank Interest








The Consortium (Stationery)


R Underwood (Painting Bisley Pavilion)








Sodexo (Grass Cutting)


E F Jordan (July Salary)


Inland Revenue (Tax & NI)


E F Jordan (Petty Cash)


JSM Signs Limited (Bisley Pavilion)


Dominic Browne (Eastcombe Grass Cutting)






Cash Balance as at 31.7.01:




District Auditor’s Report – The Auditor’s Report was presented to the Council and an unqualified opinion had been given.



Matters for Discussion



Cotswold AONB Review of Conservation Board Option

   This matter was discussed at length and it was agreed that there were many different organisations with responsibilities for AONB’s. It was agreed that the Chairmen would contact The Land Use Consultants, sender of the letter received, for more information and to register an interest.



Best Value Library Service

   The questionnaire received from the Head of Library Services and the Chairman and Clerk were asked to complete it on behalf of the Council stressing the importance of the mobile library in the Parish.



Foot and Mouth Disease

   It was agreed that there was still general concern as to whether this disease had been contained and the relaxation of restrictions. However, all rights of way in the area are now open for access but precautions should be taken when crossing farmland.



Police Community Safety and Parish Council Joint Meetings

   A further letter has been received from The Community Safety Officer asking for a volunteer from the Neighbourhood Watch to represent the parish. Mr T G Carter volunteered to be the representative and was thanked by the Council.


The Chairman read an e-mail from the Police regarding the new Mobile Police Station Project.



Village Plan

   The three Planning Sub-Committee Chairmen are proceeding with the grant for a Village Plan. The next step is to have a Steering Group. It was felt that the Village Plan, when completed would assist refusal and support of planning applications.   Local opinions would be sought as to what residents wished for their villages.


Progress will be reported at the next meeting.



Transport Plan

   Although Eastcombe is well catered for in respect of Transport, the other areas in the parish are not. District Cllr. Greene and the Chairman are to meet in this respect and will ask for volunteers to join them. Anyone wishing to be included should inform the Chairman at the next meeting.



Bisley Pavilion

   Mr Flint reported that a constructive meeting had taken place between the Cricket Club and the Bisley Ward. A letter has subsequently been received from the Cricket Club agreeing to the Ward’s requirements. The Clerk was asked to reply.



It has been agreed that in future, the Pavilion will be cleaned after each hiring. The cleaning charge will be recovered from those hiring and the present hiring charge will be reduced to compensate. The following will be the new charges:


   School£2 + £6 cleaning charge (£8)

Village Fund Raising

£2 + £6 cleaning charge (£8)

   Cricket Club£12 + £6 cleaning (£18)

(Only 1 cleaning charge for 2 matches in one weekend – i.e. £30)


British Legion

£25 per use – evenings only


Private Hire – Parties etc.

£2 + £6 cleaning charge (£8)


  The Planning Applications for July were available on the table for inspection and together with the Planning Sub-Committee’s comments are attached to these minutes.







During the month, the following correspondence was received which had either been circulated to members or was available on the table,


  NALCLocal Council Review


Sites Proposed as Allocations for Development by Objectors

  Local Government Commission for EnglandPeriodic Electoral Review of Stroud – Final Recommendations
  Martin S Burford, Hatherley PCGloucestershire Playing Fields Association
  GAPTCSummer 2001
  Cotswold PartnershipExplore the Cotswolds by Public Transport

Ward Matters



   The swings in the Playground at the Pavilion should be rotated.
   There if still a lot of Japanese Knotweed in evidence. All Wards should give a list of locations to the Clerk and she will arrange its removal and was asked to also enquire as to whether the Local Authority removed the weed from private properties.


   The Ward have been looking into the Lease with the Cricket Club and noted that various requirements are not being carried outs. The Club have a meeting on Thursday, 5 August to which Mrs Turner has been invited and she will put the queries to the Club then.


   The fence round the recreation ground, which was being repaired some time ago, appears not to have been completed.   The Clerk was asked to contact the school and ascertain when this will be completed.


   It was suggested by the Ward that it would be to everyone’s that the provision of a stile at the bottom corner of the field would discourage the children from climbing over the fence and damaging it when taking a short cut. The meeting agreed to this.


   The Gas Board, when carrying out repairs, has damaged walls. The Clerk was asked to write to them.


   It has also been noted that the concrete bus post near Thomas Keble School has been damaged – possibly, again, by the Gas Board. The Clerk will investigate.
   Mrs Turner suggested that perhaps the position of the bus stop could be moved to the lay-by in front of the school. Mr Bryant pointed out that this was, in fact, parking. However, the Clerk will suggest this to the Highways Authority.


   Unlawful tipping of industrial waste has occurred on the land opposite Fourways Garage, owned by a lady living outside the area. It is understood that the Parish Council has stewardship of this and the Clerk was asked to confirm this by means of correspondence some time ago.


   Mr Carter asked whether or not the contributions from the Council in respect of the Rural Grants Scheme had been paid. It was confirmed that they had not.


   Eastcombe Ward wish to put an open notice board on the Recreation Ground for the use of the public. The Clerk was asked to get quotations.


   There is a problem with overhanging trees on two locations in the village one obstructing sight of a 30 mph sign and the other obstructing pedestrians. The Clerk was asked to write to the owners of the properties in question.
   When the Millennium Sculpture was commissioned, it was the intention to also have a booklet, which could be sold locally.   The Clerk was asked to write to Mrs Beryl Freebury and ask whether this was yet available.
   The Gas Board has damaged the bank at the side of Old Hill, Bismore. The Clerk was asked to write them a letter of complaint asking them to rectify this as a matter of urgency to limit the damage to the wildlife already done.


   It was reported that the branches of ash trees are falling onto the Bisley to Camp road. The Clerk was asked to contact the Highways Department.
   Damage has occurred to the top Village Green at the Broadway end when Kennedys dug up the road recently. The Clerk was asked to write and ask for this to be reinstated.


   Mr Bryant reminded the meeting of the available grants for students from the John Taylor Trust.
   Mr Newman asked if the Clerk had a brochure of the Gazebo that was ordered some time ago for the Oakridge Recreation Ground. She told him that she did not.

Mr Newman asked whether arrangements could be   made for Moon’s Lane to be swept.



Date and Place of Next Meeting

  The next meeting will be held at Bisley W I Hall on Wednesday, 5 September at 7.30m p.m.


There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.50 p.m.