Selsley Foods

A range of mouth watering preserves, mustards, chutneys, dessert syrups, savoury sauces and our Speciality Mulling Syrup. Available in local shops and online.

Ollie’s Shop at Oakridge Lynch

Providing the community with an extensive range of products from household essentials to local delicacies such as honeys, jams, beers, high quality meats, farm fresh veggies, and handmade cakes as well as Post Office services, newspapers, greeting cards, stationary and one-of-a-kind seasonal gifts. Open on 7 days each week.

George Stores and Post Office

Friendly Village Store with Post Office. Serving fresh bread and homemade pies, pasties and sausagerolls. Tea and coffee room open from 10am every day.

Eastcombe Store & Post Office

  • Groceries, provisions, general stores
  • In store bakery; fresh bread, Danish pastries, hot savouries
  • Newspapers – in the shop and delivered
  • National Lottery
  • Post Offfice including
    – vehicle excise duty (tax disks)
    – euros over the counter (no need to book)
  • In-store cash machine

The Green Shop

One of the UK’s leading environmental retailers the Greenshop has a great selection of environmentally friendly, fair trade and organic gifts and products.

They have been providing sustainable and low impact goods for over 20 years and can proudly lay claim to being the largest supplier of natural paints in the UK.