Ash tree dieback disease

Chalara dieback of ash is a serious disease of ash trees caused by a fungus called Chalara fraxinea (C. fraxinea). The disease causes leaf loss and crown dieback in affected trees, and it can lead to tree death. This fungus is being treated as a quarantine pest under national emergency measures, and it is important that suspected cases of the disease are reported. Chalara Fraxinea has reached Bicester in Oxfordshire, and while there are no reported cases in Gloucestershire as yet, if any are found then they need to be reported at once. Meanwhile, it is best not to move Ash leaves/stems and if possible burn on site. The main risk of infection is from the leaves, but only between June and October.

Please do not bring ash leaves to the Bisley Community Composting site.

See DEFRA's latest action plan to deal with the Chalara outbreak.

The Forestry Commission website has information on how to identify the disease, including a video, and how to report any findings. Please have a look now and keep your eyes open when walking in our local woodlands. Updated information on dealing with ash dieback from the Forestry Commisson.

You can also download a free app (Apple Store and Android Apps Store) and help to identify and map the Chalara disease using your smartphone. For more information, see Please report your findings directly via Ashtag. Photographs are useful to confrim identification.


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