The Parish Council has agreed to lead a group to update the Village Design Statement so if anybody wishes to become part of this group please send an email to Roger Budgeon (). To see what the work will involve you can see details of the current VDS, which was produced in 2010, here. The current expectation is for the project to take about nine months.

Public Meetings are being held during September to discuss an updated VDS or a full Neighbourhood Development Plan on the following dates:

  • Eastcombe Village Hall Tuesday September 10th 7.30-9pm
  • Bisley Village Hall Tuesday September 17th 7.30-9pm
  • Oakridge Village Hall Tuesday September 24th 7.30-9pm

    Stroud District Local Plan Review: A public consultation on the emerging strategy ran for 9 weeks from 16 November 2018 to 18 January 2019. The consultation paper set out the Council's emerging strategy for meeting development needs over the next 20 years but also highlighted other options.

    SDC are currently processing all the responses received to their consultation on the emerging strategy for the Stroud District Local Plan. They will publish responses and an initial report summarising the responses on the Council's website during March 2019.

    Their published programme is to prepare a draft Local Plan for further public consultation in the autumn 2019. In order to meet this timetable they will be taking into account views expressed and information provided during the consultation process, commissioning and publishing various technical studies and working further with stakeholders during 2019. Please refer to their web page for the latest information on the Local Plan Review process and to access published technical studies.

    The Stroud District Local Plan was adopted in November 2015 and sets out a planning strategy for distributing development within the District and policies for protecting and conserving the natural and built environment. The current Plan covers the period to 2031.

    The District Council started the process of reviewing the current Local Plan in 2017 to cover the period to 2040. It is important that the Local Plan is kept up-to-date and the current Local Plan commits the Council to undertake an early review.


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