on WEDNESDAY 8th JANUARY 2020 starting at 7.30 pm

  1. Apologies
  2. Declaration of Interests
  3. Approval of the Minutes of the Meeting held on Wednesday 4th December 2019
  4. Matters Arising
  5. Public Participation - members of the public are invited to address the Council
  6. County Council Matters - to receive a report from County Councillor Keith Rippington
  7. District Council Matters - to receive a report from District Councillor Tim Williams
  8. Agree Parish Council Response to the following Planning Applications:
    1. S.19/2487/TCA - Lion House, Holloway Road, Bisley - Goat willow - Remove rotten branch
    2. S.19/2515/TCA - Penworth, George Street, Bisley Leyland cypress (T1) - Height reduction of 2 metres
    3. S.19/2485/HHOLD -Lydas Cottage, Oakridge Lynch - New rear extension and removal of outbuilding
    4. S.19/2461/HHOLD - The Station House, Cheltenham Road, Bisley - Two storey extension and insertion of two windows
    5. S.19/2561/TCA - Falkland House Eastcombe Stroud Gloucestershire GL6 7DN - Conifer tree fell
    6. S.19/2522/HHOLD - Frithwood Far Oakridge Stroud Gloucestershire GL6 7PG - Raise roof to add first floor rooms and connection to existing first floor
    7. S.19/2401/HHOLD - The Pigeon House Oakridge Lynch Stroud Gloucestershire GL6 7NU - Garage conversion and provision of slab for new garage (391593-203518)
    8. S.19/2298/HHOLD - 3 Lewisville Cottages, Eastcombe - Revised application - Porch extension to the front of the property
    9. S.19/2641/TPOREQ - The Knowle, The Broadway, Oakridge Lynch - Tree preservation order for two Yew Trees – no response needed
    10. S.19/2635/FUL - Land At Far Oakridge House, Far Oakridge, Stroud, Gloucestershire - Erection of single dwelling
    11. S.19/2582/FUL - Land Opposite Holloway Cottage, Nashend, Bisley - Change of use of a disused rural building into a residential dwelling house
    12. S.19/2717/LBC - Middle Lypiatt House, Middle Lypiatt, Stroud - Removal of render from rear gable and repair of revealed stonework
  9. Matters for Discussion
    1. Approve Ward budgets for 2020/21 Precept submission
    2. Eastcombe Recreation Ground repairs – quote approval – Scott Sissons
    3. Parish response to the SDC Local Plan – Mike Eccott
    4. GCC Budget Consultation – reminder - deadline 17/1/20 - Clerk
    5. Update on Stroud Town Council’s Parish Cycling Group Meetings – Mike Eccott
    6. Start process for the vacancy for Parish Councillor, Oakridge Ward – Roger Budgeon
    7. Parish Web Site – Web Content Accessibility Guidance – Mike Eccott
    8. Eastcombe Ward tree planting aim – Jenny Exley
    9. Approval to appoint GAPTC for internal audit – Clerk
    10. Communication within the Parish – Tony Martin
  10. Finance
    1. Approve payments of account
  11. Correspondence - Clerk to report
  12. Ward Matters - Ward Chairs only to report
    1. Bisley
    2. Eastcombe
    3. Oakridge
  13. Date and place of next meeting

Debbie Meredith
Parish Clerk
Bisley-with-Lypiatt Parish Council

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