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  1. Apologies for absence
  2. Declaration of Interests
  3. Approval of the Minutes of the Meeting held by Zoom on Wednesday 1st July 2020
  4. Matters Arising from the Minutes not otherwise covered in this agenda
  5. Public Participation - members of the public are invited to address the Council
  6. County Council Matters - distribute a report from County Councillor Keith Rippington by email
  7. District Council Matters - distribute a report from District Councillor Tim Williams by email
  8. Agree Parish Council Response to the following Planning Applications:
    1. S.20/1232/TCA - The Vicarage, Cheltenham Road, Bisley, Stroud - Trees in a Conservation Area Support (ratify)
    2. S.20/1071/HHOLD - Sycamore Cottage, Far Wells Road, Bisley, Stroud - Proposal to build new home studio / workshop. Rebuild conservatory/orangery
    3. S.20/1241/HHOLD - 2 Hampstead Buildings, Cheltenham Road, Bisley, Stroud - Proposed porch
    4. S.20/1293/HHOLD - Longridge, Oakridge Lynch, Stroud, Gloucestershire - Alterations to existing dwelling to provide first floor accommodation
    5. S.20/1332/LBC - Kilminsters Shop High Street Bisley Stroud Gloucestershire GL6 7BA - Formation of new bathroom facilities in attic
    6. S.20/1333/FUL - Ansteads Farm (Unit 3), Stancombe, Catswood Lane, Stroud - Subdivision of the existing B2 industrial unit to form five B2 industrial units
    7. S.20/1380/TCA - Church Hill, Bisley, Stroud, Gloucestershire - Willow (Tree 1) - fell
    8. S.20/1382/HHOLD - Bakers Paddock Oakridge Lynch Stroud Gloucestershire GL6 7NW - Erection of detached 33sqm timber framed, flat roofed building for use in association with private dwelling
    9. S.20/1411/TCA - Prospect House, Church Hill, Bisley - Conifer (T1) - Remove, excessive shading. Conifer (T2) Remove, very poor form. Conifer (T3) - Remove due to very poor form
    10. S.20/1489/LAC - Telephone Box, Eastcombe, Stroud, Gloucestershire - Consultation on removal of BT Telephone Box
    11. S.20/0389/FUL - Parlour Farm, Bisley Road, Stancombe, Bisley - Change of use of land to B1 and Erection of B1c industrial building, landscaping and associated works. Revised details have been submitted on this application. As such I would be pleased to receive any comments you may have within the next 10 days - SDC
    12. S.20/1465/TCA - Rose Hill, Bisley, Stroud, Gloucestershire - Ash (T1) - Remove
  9. Matters for Discussion
    1. RBS Allotment software proposal from RBS Clerk (document to be distributed)
    2. Oakridge website financial support request Roger Budgeon (document to be distributed)
    3. Approve fencing and gates quote for Eastcombe football pitch Clerk (document to be distributed)
    4. Approval to use BACS online payments of bills (Financial Regulations 6.9) Clerk
    5. Proposal that Town and Parish Websites produce and maintains new PC website Bob Brooks (document to be distributed)
    6. Tree survey update for All Saint's Churchyard, Bisley Clerk
    7. Parish speed-watch sign Mike Eccott
    8. NDP Tony Martin
    9. Bisley traffic calming Martin Brown
    10. Eastcombe dry stone walling rolling program approval Clerk (document to be distributed)
    11. Discuss graveyard proposal at Eastcombe War Memorial/Baptist Chapel graveyard Mike Eccott
  10. Finance
    1. Approve payments of account (details to be circulated)
  11. Correspondence - Clerk to report
  12. Ward Matters - Ward Chairs to report on ward matters
    1. Bisley
    2. Eastcombe
    3. Oakridge
  13. Date, location and format of next meeting - Chair

Debbie Meredith
Parish Clerk
Bisley-with-Lypiatt Parish Council

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